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The best free viewpoints in New York

If you are thinking of traveling to New York and you have begun to see that anything is worth it, surely you are already thinking that apart from throwing away your travel savings, you may also have to break the piggy bank. And is that New York is an expensive city. But that doesn't mean that there aren't FREE things to do, because between you and me, how much do we like free things, huh?

In this post I tell you about some of the viewpoints in New York, where you will have incredible views and that are also free.

And before you start, don't forget (once you finish reading the article) to go to the main page of New York, where you will find many things to see and do, tips and recommendations, how to save money and a complete travel guide.

Mejores miradores gratuitos en Nueva York


Gantry Plaza State Park

You will find this park in Queens and from it you will have beautiful views of Manhattan.

This area, before the urbanization and construction of the park, was very degraded and not very pretty. Currently, it is one of the best areas of Queens, where you can also find good accommodation and good connections with Manhattan.

You can see everything to do in Queens in the post:

The Vessel

It is one of the new monuments of New York, and you not only have to visit it for the views of the city that you will have once you climb all the flights of stairs, but the building itself is amazing.

To visit this building, even if it is free, you have to get a ticket, as there is a daily limit of people. There is a waiting list and you have to get the tickets with a margin of time. I tell you much more about the monument and how to get the tickets, in the post of:

Mejores miradores gratuitos en Nueva York

Brooklyn bridge park

A true New York classic, the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the best viewpoints. In addition to visiting the bridge, I recommend you take at least one day to see the best of Brooklyn.

You can see more information about Brooklyn at:

Mejores miradores gratuitos en Nueva York