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The 5 best beaches in New York to enjoy the summer

If you are thinking of traveling to New York in the summer, take advantage of a day and escape to one of its fantastic beaches. Sometimes it is often thought that New York only has a city and skyscrapers, and not at all. New York City is HUGE, and if you go to the main page of the city, you will see that I explain many things to see throughout the city and areas. In this city you will not only find skyscrapers and residential areas, but there are parks and green areas everywhere, forests and beach areas.

In this post I tell you about 5 of its New York beaches (one for each district) so you can choose the one you like the most.


Rockaway Beach in Queens

Rockaway Beach has been named the longest urban beach in the United States. And it is the best choice for surfers. It is so popular with surfers that they finally had to divide the beach into two, one for surfers and another for those who prefer to swim.

During the summer, the small waves are perfect for beginners; Seasoned surfers frequent this beach during the height of hurricane season, in early fall.

Rockaway Beach is easily accessible by subway, taking the A train or switching to the S line at Picturesque Broad Channel, to Beach 90 Street for surfing beach, or to Beach 116 Street for go to swimmers beach.

Orchard Beach in the Bronx

It's my favorite beach in New York, and I discovered it one day when I got lost on the subway. We were not thinking of taking this direction, but once in this area we decided to go through it and we found a spectacular beach.

This man-made beach called “New York City's Riviera” has some very attractive features: the crescent-shaped beach looks out over Long Island Sound.

Coney Island in Brooklyn

I haven't been able to see Coney Island yet, I have it pending and on my next trip to New York it will be on the list for sure.

On the beach there is a large area with an amusement park, restaurants, bars and accommodation.

If you have visited this beach, tell me about your experience :)