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Where to stay in Riviera Maya: Best areas and hotels

So you are thinking of traveling to the Riviera Maya? Without a doubt, when we all think of the Riviera Maya, great resorts come to mind with the all-inclusive bracelet.

In this post I will tell you about the best areas to stay in the Riviera Maya and I will also tell you about all kinds of accommodation; from small boutique hotels to resorts. Staying in the Riviera Maya is much cheaper than we can imagine, so keep reading as I tell you about all the accommodation options in the Riviera Maya.

Dónde alojarse en Riviera Maya, México

WHERE TO STAY IN RIVIERA MAYA: Best areas and hotels

1. Playa del Carmen, a good option to stay in Riviera Maya

One of the best options to stay in Riviera Maya is Playa del Carmen. Although more touristy and crowded, Playa del Carmen offers all types of accommodation, from pensions to 5* hotels, some with only accommodation, some even with all-inclusive.

I have traveled to the Riviera Maya twice, one of them I stayed at a resort on the outskirts of Playa del Carmen (about 30 minutes) and the resort was great, but if we wanted to go out we had to take a taxi... It was isolated And although it had its own beach space for hotel guests, it was a bit uncomfortable for us not being able to go out and walk. Yes or if we had to take a car/taxi first.

The second time, on this last trip that we have spent 5 weeks touring various places in the country, we have stayed in the center of Playa del Carmen. What a change! The hotel was also a 5-star, adults-only hotel, but being small and centrally located it was very cheap for us... In Playa del Carmen we stayed at The Reef 28 - Adults Only 5* hotel

Great options to stay in Playa del Carmen

Dónde alojarse en Riviera Maya, México

2. Tulum, one of the best areas to stay in Riviera Maya

One of the areas that I liked the most when I was going around the Riviera Maya and getting to know each place was Tulum. In Tulum apart from being the archaeological zone there are beautiful beaches and a very quiet town. There are many things to do in Tulum and honestly if I had to go back to the Riviera Maya I would stay in this area. It is quieter than Playa del Carmen, perfect for visiting it by bike and enjoying the area.

In Tulum you can find hotels of all types, from Glamping to 5* hotels.

Great options to stay in Tulum

Dónde alojarse en Riviera Maya, México

3. Akumal

Another area of ​​the Riviera Maya where you will find hotels of all types is Akumal. Those on the beach are resorts, generally all-inclusive. Large resort-style hotels predominate on the beachfront, however, on the second line or very close to the beach there are also lower category hotels, glamping, private villas...

Great options to stay in Akumal

4. Puerto Morelos

Although the "city" of Puerto Morelos does not have as much charm as Playa del Carmen, it is a good area where you will find bars, restaurants, shops... and various services as well as activities.

Large resorts and hotels are in the surrounding area, generally on the beach. The beaches in this area are just as beautiful. It's Riviera Maya!

Great options to stay in Puerto Morelos

Dónde alojarse en Riviera Maya, México

Does it matter a lot where you stay in Riviera Maya?

In general, the entire Riviera Maya is calm and safe. It is a very touristy area and there are usually never any problems. You can even rent a car to tour it.

All tours usually have the transportation service included with hotel pick-up, so if you prefer to choose this option you will have no problem with moving around the area.

So if you are wondering if it matters in the area that you stay, it is not. It doesn't matter. The area is well connected by roads and a highway. You can rent a car and choose tours that pick you up at the hotel.

If you are one of those who prefers to go out from the hotel and walk around, the best option is downtown Playa del Carmen, so without having to take the car you can have everything; shops, restaurants... If you are looking for tranquility, I personally think that Tulum is the quietest area to stay, especially if you choose a smaller hotel and not a resort.

I hope this article has helped you find an area to stay and a hotel that suits what you are looking for. If not, here are a few links for you to keep looking.

Dónde alojarse en Riviera Maya, México



I hope you enjoy your trip to the Riviera Maya very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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