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Where to stay in Medellin: Best areas and hotels

Medellin is a fairly cheap city and you can find accommodation of all kinds. The city offers a large number of interesting places to visit. At least I recommend you stay a couple of nights in Medellín.

Despite the fact that Colombia is a much safer city than years ago, it must be taken into account that not all neighborhoods or areas are appropriate to stay and it is better to avoid them. The city is quite big and choosing a good area can be somewhat difficult. In this post I tell you about the best accommodation areas in Medellín and some great accommodation options.


El Poblado, the best area to stay in Medellín

The town is the most recommended area to stay in Medellín. It is the part of the city that is most developed, safest and has the most infrastructure for accommodation, commerce and restaurants.

Security is something to take into account in Colombia when choosing a neighborhood to stay in. In the town you can walk peacefully at any time of the day. Even coming back late at night after going out for drinks I have never felt unsafe in the neighborhood.

Near the town are the Bosques de la Frontera park and the Castle museum, two of the essential places to see in Medellín.

You can find 3-star hotels from 40 euros a night in a double room and 5-star hotels for 100 euros a night in a double room.

Some great accommodation options in El poblado, Medellin:

Laureles-Estadio, a cheap area to stay in Medellin

This area is quite central and very cheap. During the day it is quite calm and safe, but at night you have to have a little attention. Although it is not a dangerous area in itself, if there are some thefts, therefore, it is a cheaper area. If your budget is tight, do not hesitate to look at some of these options.

You can find 4 stars with a very good rating for 30 and a few euros per night in a double room. And three stars for 20 euros a night in a double room.

Some accommodation options in Laureles-Estadio, Medellin:

Parque Lleras, a comfortable area with plenty of leisure where to stay in Medellin

Parque Lleras and its surroundings is the pink zone of the town. This area has become one of the most modern and the best representation of the metamorphosis that the city has experienced. There are many shops, discos, restaurants and accommodation. It is a very good area to stay and very safe. Prices start at 25 euros per night in a double room per night in 3-star hotels. And just over 100 euros per night in 5-star hotels.

Some accommodation options in Parque Lleras:

La Candelaria, staying in the historic center of Medellin

This neighborhood is located in the eastern part of the downtown area of ​​the city, south of Poblado and Laureles-Estadio. Staying in the historic center is a good opportunity if your interest is solely cultural. Perfect for visiting the sights of the historic center. During the day, the historic center is lively and safe. At night, it's a pretty quiet area, with a few restaurants. It is still a fairly safe area and a recommended place to stay in Medellín.

In La Candelaria are the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Candelaria, Botero Square, the Antioquia Museum or the interactive EPM, the botanical garden, the Orquideorama, the Carabobo promenade, lined with beautiful facades and historical buildings.

Some great accommodation options in La Candelaria, Medellin:


I hope you enjoy your trip to Colombia a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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