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Where to stay in Cebu: Best areas and hotels

Cebu City is the second largest city behind Manila, the capital of the Philippines. In addition, it is the capital of the province of Cebu, one of the most visited islands in the country. In general, all itineraries include Cebu on their trip, since in addition to offering a wide variety of things to do in Cebu, it is the port of arrival or transit to visit other islands such as Malapascua, Bohol or even Camiguín (among others).

In this post I tell you about the best areas to stay in Cebu and some great accommodation options.


Cebu is quite a large island. Although it is only about 32 km wide, it is just over 291 km long. There are several activities spread throughout the island. If your intention is to swim with the whale shark, Oslob will be your port of departure, so many travelers decide to spend a night there to leave as soon as dawn. On the other hand, I recommend you sleep at least one night in Cebu City, since the historic center is an essential place to visit. If you decide to spend a few nights in Cebu to enjoy its beaches, small islands and other activities, a good option is Mactan.

Near the Port, a good area to stay in Cebu

If your intention is to use Cebu as a starting point to visit nearby islands such as Bohol, the best option is to stay in the port or nearby. Several ferries depart from the city's port daily and various activities by sea. In addition, it is very close to the city center, where you can visit the historic center.

Some great accommodation options in Cebu Port:

The historic center of Cebu, a good option where to stay in Cebu

The historic center is probably the best option where to stay in Cebu. Walking you can reach all the interesting places to see in the city, in addition, the city is full of atmosphere, restaurants, street food stalls, and many accommodations.

Some great accommodation options in the historic center of Cebu:

Mactan, the most luxurious option to stay in Cebu

Mactan Island, located in the province of Cebu, is located close to the big island of Cebu and the two islands are connected through various bridges and roads.

Cebu International Airport is on the island of Mactan. The island has several beaches and many luxury accommodations. Resorts with swimming pools, suites… It is the best area to stay in Cebu if you are looking to combine visiting the island and also resting for a few days.

Some great accommodation options in Mactan:

Oslob, a good accommodation option if you want to do the excursion to swim with the whale shark

Usually, all swim with the whale shark tours depart from Oslob harbour.

Oslob is not an area with big hotels and a lot of high class accommodation. They are usually simple 2 or 3 star accommodation, or bed and breakfast.

Some great accommodation options in Oslob:


I hope you enjoy your trip to the Philippines very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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