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Where to stay in Bohol: Best areas and hotels

You will find hotels scattered throughout the island of Bohol. Some areas have good services, are well connected and near or in front of the beach. In this post I tell you about the different areas to stay in Bohol, good value for money options.

Bohol, Filipinas


Staying in Tagbilaran, the gateway to and from Bohol

Tagbilaran Area is the least popular area to stay in Bohol. It is located next to the Port of Bohol and is the option that I recommend if you are going to spend a few days on the island. Most organized excursions leave from here. Staying in this area guarantees very good prices. You can find a double room with breakfast for 20-24 euros in standard hotels.

Some great accommodation options in Tagbilaran:

Staying in Panglao, in and around Alona Beach

Panglao is the area where you will find the most quantity and variety of accommodations in Bohol. There are all kinds of services and it is the most accessible area to visit the Loboc River or the Chocolate Hills. In this area there is also one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Alona Beach.

Some great accommodation options in Panglao:

Bohol, Filipinas

Stay in Loboc, the center of the Island of Bohol

In Bohol you can stay in the middle of the jungle. Something that I recommend, taking into account that, throughout your entire Philippines itinerary, you will be staying on the beach constantly. This is the central area of ​​the island and you are very close to the Chocolate Hills, the Tarsiers Sanctuary, the Loboc River or the Man Made Forest.

In this area there are many accommodations in the form of cabins, although you will also find small hotels and eco-lodges.

Some great accommodation options in Loboc:


If you are planning your trip to the Philippines, do not forget to take out travel medical insurance. Accidents happen, we get sick, and the Philippines has pretty bad sanitation. In the event that you need medical assistance, hospitalization or transfer to another country for medical assistance, if you do not have insurance, the cost can be very high. Travel insurance can cost you about 4 euros a day (with medical assistance, hospitalization, repatriation, legal advice, flight delays, lost luggage, etc...)

Bohol, Filipinas



I hope you enjoy your trip to the Philippines very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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