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What to eat in the Dominican Republic

Dominican gastronomy presents characteristics of a "Creole" cuisine, that is, of European origin but developed in America and with influences from it. Dominican gastronomy is a reflection of the Spanish and African influences that have influenced the social and cultural formation of the country.

The food that is consumed daily at noon consists of a dish that includes rice, stewed beans, and stewed meat (of whatever type, but preferably chicken or beef). This dish can be accompanied by salad and plantain, green or ripe.

The plantain is consumed in the country in many ways, in addition to boiling. Two ways to prepare them are as tostones (mashed and fried plantain slices) and as mangú, which is a mashed boiled green plantain. For ripe plantains, in addition to being fried in slices, there is a way to cook them in syrup.

There is a lot of variety and dishes in Dominican cuisine and in this post I will tell you about the most popular and tasty ones so that you can enjoy them on your visit to the country.



It could be said that it is the most popular and representative dish of Dominican cuisine. This delicious stew is prepared for big occasions. The traditional sancocho is normally made with beef. Its ingredients are: cassava, potato, yam, yautía, plantain, cilantro, among more species and of course beef. Although the type of meat is variable and you can find it chicken, hen, lamb, even some variants in fish.

The Moor

It is a mixture of beans, rice and stewed meat. Also the Moro in many cases and places in the Dominican Republic is accompanied with cod.

El Moro de Gandules with Coconut

This Moor carries the unmistakable flavor of coconut milk and pigeon peas: legumes similar to peas. The other ingredients are the same as the traditional Moorish.


This dish is not missing from any Dominican table. The Dominican flag is simply made up of white rice, meat and beans.

The locrian

It is a classic of Dominican Creole cuisine and it is delicious. It is the closest thing to Spanish paella. This delicious rice can be combined with shrimp, prawns, herring, sardines and cod. There are some variants where, apart from the seafood, they add some chicken or chicken, thus being our type of sea and mountain rice.

The Asopao

Asopao is an exquisite rice, chicken, tomato soup with a touch of coriander. There are many varieties and even some more expensive asopaos, such as the seafood asopao.

And a little sweet...

Among the favorite typical desserts that you can enjoy in the country are:

Beans with sweet: cream of beans with milk, sugar and raisins, it is usually consumed mostly at Easter.

Majarete: cream made from corn, with cinnamon powder on top.

Balao: coconut candy striped with molasses, which is made into a ball and fired on a stove.

Sweet coconut with milk: Dulce de leche in paste, both alone and with fruit filling such as orange, guava, cashew, etc.

Dominican food is very good, there are many more specialties that will surely make you go home with a few extra kilos.


I hope you enjoy your time in the country, you can continue reading more posts about where to stay, what to see and do, and the best itinerary on the main page of the Dominican Republic.

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