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The best 6 plans to do in Paracas, Peru

Paracas is a desert area and although at first glance it may seem like the ugliest area in Peru, it has very interesting places to visit, not only in Paracas and the Nature Reserve, but also in the surroundings. And we must not forget about the Nazca Lines! What, although they are not in the same population, from here the planes leave daily to visit them from the heights.

In this post I tell you about 6 great plans to do in Paracas, what to see and do and I add some recommendations on how to get there from Lima and some accommodation options.

que hacer en Paracas, Perú


The cheapest and most comfortable way to get there is by bus. You have several options, but currently Peru has a bus network with different categories of comfort, air conditioning... and it's worth it. In addition, they are cheap routes.

The company that manages these long distances is: Cruz del Sol. And I leave you the link so that you can find the ticket you want according to your dates. For about 20 dollars you can make the trip in VIP category. I advise you!


1. Visit the Nazca Lines

Although the Nazca lines are further away than the Paracas area, this is where the flights depart to visit the Lines and fly over them. The Nazca lines are one of the most visited places in Peru and behind them there are many theories about how these huge lines and images could have been created in the middle of the desert. Although it is an expensive activity, it is worth it and without a doubt it is something that can only be seen here. It is something unique in the world.

que hacer en Paracas, Perú

2. Sail through the Ballestas Islands and Paracas National Park

These Islands are located near the coast of Paracas and are made up of rock formations where you can appreciate a huge amount of fauna, including sea lions, seals, penguins and birds. In particular there are pelicans and guano birds.

In order to visit these islands, you can visit them by boat, where a route is made around the islands. There are several options:

que hacer en Paracas, Perú

3. Buggy ride through the Paracas desert

For the more adventurous or those who love to do active activities, this is a great option and it is a lot of fun.

You will do a desert tour by jeep, going up and down dunes. You can surf the dunes and go down with a snowboard or if you don't dare they have a kind of sledges (planks) so that you can launch yourself lying down.

The best option is to take the last exit, to see the sunset and thus avoid the strongest hours of sun.

que hacer en Paracas, Perú

4. Visit the city of Pisco

The city of Pisco is a very picturesque little city and it is ideal for a walk in the afternoon, after having done some activity in the morning. What stands out the most is its Plaza de Armas, its church and the archaeological site of Tambo Colorado.

5. Visit the city of Ica and the Huacachica oasis

In the city of Ica you can visit the Plaza de Armas, the church of the Lord of Luren and the Regional Museum of Ica. Stroll through its streets, photograph its houses and enjoy an ice cream or a pisco sour.

If you decide to take a tour, they include a visit to the city of Huacachina, which is located in an oasis in the middle of the desert. It looks like a place out of a fairy tale!

que hacer en Paracas, Perú

6. Enjoy the beaches of Paracas

Paracas is the best area if you want to stop at the beach on your trip to Peru. Although in Lima there are also some beaches that are quite good, they don't look like you are at all!

The most beautiful are: Red Beach, La Mina Beach, Yumaque Beach and Lagunillas Beach.

que hacer en Paracas, Perú

que hacer en Paracas, Perú

que hacer en Paracas, Perú


I hope you enjoy your trip to Peru a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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