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Whale watching from January to March in the Dominican Republic

Among the many things that you can do in the Dominican Republic, whale watching is one of the most popular and thousands of tourists visit the country with the intention of being able to enjoy this wonder of nature where you can appreciate the impressive passage of humpback whale colony. It is a true natural sanctuary where it is possible to observe a good number of whales that move along an extension that reaches 80 nautical miles, on the north coast of the country.

There are several landmarks that can be visited in order to get the best view of this phenomenon. As is the case of the underwater platform of the Banco de la Plata, the Marine Sanctuary or the Banco de la Navidad.

avistamiento e ballenas en republica dominicana

The sighting season runs from the beginning of January to the end of March. And although the season seems to lengthen a bit, you can enjoy this wonder only a few times a year.

More than 3,000 humpback whales usually travel in the bay and have a size that exceeds 15 meters in length.

avistamiento e ballenas en republica dominicana

Although it is very typical to see photographs with people swimming with them, on our tour they did not let us do it, they told us that this fact tends to stress the whales and that it is better not to intervene in their environment. And it seems logical to me.

It is an amazing experience and I recommend you book the tour a little in advance. Being able to see so few months a year it is sometimes difficult to find places at the last minute.


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