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Visit Catalina Island, a Caribbean paradise

Without a doubt, Catalina Island is a paradise in the Dominican Republic, but what place in this country is not a paradise? It is one of the most popular activities to do once you travel to the country and although it is a fairly crowded tourist destination, if you travel in low season you can enjoy this wonder with hardly any people.

In this post I tell you about how to visit this island, the best options such as tours, and what you will find once you arrive on the island.

Isla Catalina

The island has just under 15 square kilometers. It is ideal to spend the day and you can do the tour with different agencies. Personally, I recommend not waiting until the last minute to book the tour. If you show up at your hotel or in the surroundings and ask for prices to visit the Island, the price will surely be almost double what you can book previously online.

I recommend you book in advance online as they tend to have cheaper prices than in hotels.

On the Island you can practice water sports, some with additional cost. The best thing is that it is an incredible area for snorkeling. It is one of the best places in the Dominican Republic. The boats usually lend snorkeling equipment, but they are not usually disinfected, take your tube and glasses with you!!

Isla Catalina

Within the island you will find three main beaches, the Playa del Oeste, the Paya del Norte and the Playa del Este. Two of these places have great potential for the development of sustainable tourism. Some regions of the island have their rocky coasts and cliffs, making the place a beautiful place. Although if you want to know this area of ​​the coast, you will have to walk and arrive with some transport, since the tour boats usually always stop in the area of ​​white sand beaches.

One of the places called 'Muro' is ideal for diving. From the beach you will be able to see a new slope that will take you to an impressive wall that descends to more than 100 meters deep with giant steps.

In this environment you will be able to see a varied fauna and flora. On the walls of the wall there is a 'upholstery' of corals. In the depths we can see sponges or corals.

Another place to dive in the area is called 'El Acuario', where you will find a great variety of species, without forgetting the coral formations that amaze visitors.

Without a doubt Catalina Island is an excellent option to enjoy a full day of activities, sea, beaches, sun... I recommend you visit it!!


I hope you enjoy your trip to the Dominican Republic very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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