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Traditional dishes to eat in France

French gastronomy is recognized as one of the best in the world. I have lived for years in the south of France with the border of Spain and I have had the opportunity not only to taste it during my travels through France, but at home, in my environment, sometimes respecting the original recipe, sometimes fusing it... The truth is There are delicious dishes that you will surely love. In this post I talk to you about the most traditional dishes to eat in France.

Platos tradicionales que comer en Francia


Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine is a traditional French dish that can also be made a little to your liking. It is a savory cake, made with shortcrust pastry, generally filled with eggs, vegetables, cream and gratin with cheese. There are many variants, some quiches are with spinach and cheese, others add meat, ham...

Coq Au Vin

This wine chicken stew is delicious. It is a chicken stew that is “drowned” in large quantities of red wine, although we also find it with rosé. It is usually accompanied with chives and sometimes with pieces of carrot and leek.

Platos tradicionales que comer en Francia

Soupe à l'oignon

This onion soup is one of the most popular dishes in France. It is a soup with meat broth, wine and cheese with onion as the main ingredient. The combination of products may not sound very good to you, but if they cook it well, it is very good.

La Ratatouille, the most traditional dish to eat in France

One of the most popular French dishes that has spread to any part of the world. This is a stewed vegetable recipe. It is usually flavored with Provencal spices and herbs, giving it a characteristic country flavor. It can be served as a first course or as a garnish for meat and fish. It is originally from the Provence region but you can find it on many cards throughout the country.

The Duck Confit

This delicious dish usually takes a very long time to prepare (about 36 hours) and is absolutely worth the wait. Duck confit is a dish made with the duck leg that is salted and poached in its own fat. It is an expensive dish and you will find it in good a la carte restaurants. You must try it!! it's delicious.

The Escargot

It is a dish of baked snails with parsley, garlic and butter. Although it is a very common dish, you don't always find it on their menus and if you do find it, it is usually a rather expensive dish.

French cheeses

Like many other neighboring countries, France also has its own cheeses and they are all delicious. There are more than 300 types of cheeses. Among them stand out: Roquefort, brie, le comté...

Platos tradicionales que comer en Francia


Tarte Tatin, a classic to eat in France

Tarte tatin is a classic to eat in France that has spread throughout the world. Its traditional recipe consists of shortcrust pastry, apples and has the peculiarity that the dough goes on top of the apples (like an upside-down pie) and is usually served hot. Now you can find different types of tarte tatin, although the apple one is the most popular and delicious, especially if you serve it warm accompanied with vanilla ice cream.


In France they are specialists in crepes and there are sweet or savory versions. It is a good option for street food and you will find it in many street food stalls. Personally, I prefer sweet ones and that is why I have added them in the dessert section. The ones with Nutella, strawberries, banana, blueberries or raspberries and cream are delicious. Although the warm and discarded Nutella ones also work for me and who doesn't enjoy these sweets?

Platos tradicionales que comer en Francia

Cherry Clafoutis

Clafoutis is a typical French cake that is prepared by baking cherries dipped in a dough very similar to that of crepes, made with eggs, milk, flour, butter and sugar. Normally the cherries are put whole and with stones. It comes from the Limousin region and became popular during the 19th century. XIX. It can also be prepared with other fruits such as figs, pears or plums.


The charlotte or carlota is another very typical cake of French pastries. It is prepared by lining a mold with sponge cakes to create the base and its interior is filled with layers of sponge cake soaked in syrup, cream and fruits. The original charlotte was made from apples, but today it has a lot of variants.

Macarons, a vice to eat in France

Although macarons were born in Italy, they arrived at the Parisian court at the hands of Catherine de Medici and became adults in France. Macarons are prepared with egg white, ground almonds and sugar, but nowadays they come in a wide variety of flavors and colors. You can find them in pastry shops and bakeries.

Platos tradicionales que comer en Francia

I hope you enjoy your trip to France and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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