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The land of 7 colors in Mauritius

The land of 7 colors is one of the essential wonders to visit in Mauritius.

Rarely natural and spontaneous dunes, immersed in a beautiful paradise known as Chamarel, forming a range of intense colors, reddish and purple tones.


The land of the seven colors is composed of a fusion of purely exotic colors, reddish, brown, violet, emerald, bluish, purple and gold, showing their contrasts with definition and welcoming a sweet family of land tortoises. Mauritius is certainly a volcanic island, these dunes contain molten lava, iron and aluminum fusions, which impressively produces that the sands do not erode, they remain intact even after a big storm.

There is an exclusive viewpoint over the Chamarel waterfall, where you will get the best views of this magnificent spectacle of nature.

To get to the land of 7 colors, you can do it with a rental car or with an organized tour/excursion. The access is easy, signposted and there is parking.

The advantage of going with a rental car is that you can enjoy this natural area for as long as you want, and even if you feel like it, you can enjoy a picnic with views of the Cahamarel waterfall.

Although this magical effect of colors can only be enjoyed in such a way in this area of ​​the Island, especially in this entire southern area, this reddish tone can be appreciated in more places on earth. Creating a unique optical effect and a spectacular contrast between the blue of the lake water and the green of the vegetation. It's really beautiful.

If you are not thinking of renting a car, you can visit this area with an organized tour. They are usually small groups, where you will go either with a private taxi or with a small group in a minivan. You can see more information in the following link and book if you are interested in this option.


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