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The Havana Malecon

Havana is a beautiful city that you fall in love with for its history, its culture, its traditions, its photographic buildings full of colors and for being a city with a lot of warmth. One of the most spectacular places in the city is the Malecón de La Habana. It is very popular with locals and an essential stop for travelers.


The Malecon de la Habana is an 8 kilometer avenue, with a route parallel to the coast of Havana where the waves break with force.

It is a meeting place for the locals, where they go for a walk, listen and play music, dance, play cards, enjoy a swim, spend the afternoon with friends and fall in love. Turning the Malecón into the heart of Havana.

El Malecón de La Habana

The construction of the Malecon began in 1901, during a period in which the United States governed provisionally, and the works continued to develop over 50 years, the first being the one that led from Paseo del Prado to the well-known Crespo street.

Along the Malecón there are several emblematic buildings of the city, the national monument is the one that stands out the most, it is the memory of General Calitxo García and Antonio Maceo, the statue is located in the park that bears the same name.

But for me the best of the Malecón is not in the buildings that coexist, but in the charm of the place and the great atmosphere that there is. There are always people, there is always music and it is a fantastic place to walk around in the afternoon.

It is best to go to the Malecón in the afternoon, when the light begins to warm up just before it starts to get dark. The sunset from here is beautiful and you can't miss it.

El Malecón de La Habana

Our guide told us that couples came here to walk hand in hand, while their mothers followed them a few steps away. They could only kiss sparingly when they got engaged and once they were married they could walk without the supervision of their mothers. When she told us, the stories that our grandmothers always told us came to mind, but the guide told us that she had to go through the same tradition, and she was only 42 years old. They considered the Malecón to be the most romantic place in the city and they came here to court and fall in love.



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