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The best rice fields in Bali

Bali is one of the most popular islands to visit in Indonesia and is famous for its beaches perfect for surfing, its lush jungles, the temples and above all for the landscapes that turn the island an intense green; the rice fields.

There are many areas of rice fields to visit in Bali, you can practically find rice fields in each district, but many of them do not allow passage, others are difficult to access... In this post I tell you about which are the best rice fields in Bali and I add some tips for visiting them.


Sidemen Rice Paddies

My favorite area of ​​Bali among rice fields is Sidemen. It is a less touristy area where the Balinese essence is still present at all times. It is such a magical place that you cannot miss the sunrise among the morning fog, the rice fields at your feet and the volcano on the horizon.

Tegalallang rice fields, one of the best rice fields to see in Bali

The Tegalalang rice fields are probably the most famous rice fields in the world. They are located in the Ubud region and are very easy to access. The landscape is dyed green with its enormous terraces built on the mountainside. The Tegalalang Rice Terraces are amazing, but unfortunately with the abundance of mass tourists, the area is deteriorating, so please always respect the surroundings.

Entry to the rice field is free and you can access it from small paths between the terraces. Walking among the trails is incredible.

The best time to visit the terraces in all their splendor is from May to August. However, rice is planted throughout the year and you will always find terraces with shorter crops and terraces with taller crops.

Canggu rice fields, one of the best quietest rice fields in Bali

This area is becoming very popular among travelers to stay, and here you will not only find accommodation of all types, being that you are close to the beaches of Canggu, the shopping areas, Seminyak and Kuta and with good connections to reach many places of interest.

It has been my base for a long time, so getting lost in the rice fields has been a way to find peace and tranquility. There are many trails that can be done by bicycle, walking, and some you can even do on a motorcycle. They are rice fields on a plain, making them easy to access and very extensive. There are many accommodations in this area that are located among rice fields, quite affordable luxury villas.

Jatiluwih rice fields

This wonder is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and its beauty will eclipse you. The Jatiluwih rice fields are spread between the Batukaru and Abang mountains and unlike the Tegalalang rice fields, these are much less visited. Although they say that the best time to visit them is at harvest time, from November to March, for me the best time is from May to September. In summer the rice fields are growing, they are not completely grown, but you can already see the green coloring the mountain and there are hardly any tourists, you can walk between the terraces without anyone. I recommend getting up early to enjoy the first rays of sun reflected on the terraces.

Rice fields around Ubud

Around the city of Ubud you have several options without having to travel much. My favorite route is the Campuhan Rige Walk. It is a trail on top of a hill surrounded by rice fields. You can read more about Ubud and its rice fields in this post.

There are many other areas in Bali where you will find rice plantations, to a greater or lesser extent. In the northern area, closer to Lovina, there are also beautiful places, although being a more distant area, going there just to visit rice fields is not worth it. Although if you are thinking of approaching Lovina, do not forget to make a stop at the viewpoints. I tell you more about this area in the article: Lovina, a little-known area of ​​Bali.

I hope you enjoy Bali a lot, I have many articles about this beautiful Indonesian island, and if you want more you can always download my complete guide to Bali in PDF with daily itineraries included.


I hope you enjoy your trip to Bali very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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