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The best beaches in Mauritius

If I can guarantee one thing, it is that it is impossible for you to find a beach that you do not like in Mauritius. Its white sand beaches, that turquoise blue of the sea, the calm, the vegetation, desert islands and the peace and tranquility, make Mauritius a perfect place to enjoy its beaches. Practically the entire island is full of beaches, since the entire coast hardly has areas that are not sandy. And in this post I tell you about the best beaches in Mauritius.

There are no private beaches in Mauritius, and although there are hotels occupying parts of the beach, they are not private. So you can access all of them.

The temperature of the sea water oscillates between 22ºC and 28ºC depending on the season, making it possible to bathe throughout the year. From July to September it is the coldest time and that is also noticeable in the water. Although you can bathe and enjoy equally.

Playas de Isla Mauricio


Grand Baie, one of the most beautiful beaches to see in Mauritius

To the northeast of the Island of Mauritius is Grand Baie. It is a beautiful town, where apart from hotels, you can find numerous quality restaurants where to eat lobster, bars, pubs, shops and several temples, as well as the Christian church and the mosque, among other typical dishes.

Its beach is beautiful as well as a natural port, where in the afternoons you can appreciate all the small fishing boats.

Playas de Isla Mauricio

Le Morne, the most luxurious area of ​​Mauritius

Le Morne was declared a UNESCO Cultural Heritage since July 2008, it is one of the most beautiful mountains in Mauritius, adding an additional attraction to the beaches that surround it. And it is not for less, it is a true paradise. Over the last few years, luxury hotels have been built around it, preserving the natural environment and creating as much harmony as possible. This area of ​​the Island is the most expensive and if you are interested in staying in one of these hotels, you should know that the budget per night usually exceeds 500 euros.

There are beaches near Le Morne where no hotels have been built, they are coastal areas that, since there are no accommodations, you can enjoy the beach practically to yourself, and having magnificent views of Le Morne.

It is a magnificent area for cycling, trekking and boat trips to the sea. It is almost always the area chosen for skydiving, since the views of Le Morne from the air are the most sought after by these adrenaline lovers.

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Ille aux Lubines - IIle de l'Est - Ille aux Cerfs (Deer Island)

These three Islands are a mandatory stop if you are going to travel to Mauritius. They are three islands near the coast of Mauritius that are a true paradise. They are very close to each other and on some occasions you can even make your way from one to the other by walking through the water because it barely covers. The sand is so white and the blue of the sea so intense that it hurts the eyes. Is very pretty.

Playas de Isla Mauricio

During our stay in the country, we chose a tour that spent the day visiting the three islands, where we made several stops, ate, snorkelled... and got to know the three islands. It was a very good experience and I wanted to share with you the link of the agency, but it has been impossible for me to get the same tour, maybe they have changed it. But they don't do exactly the same anymore. I have found this option that seems to be very similar and has very good recommendations:

Cap Malheureux

This area is not exactly a beach as such, but as I told you at the beginning of the post Mauritius Island, practically everything that touches the sea has sand. So it is possible to bathe and enjoy the coast anywhere. I especially like this area a lot because in Cap Malheureux there is a small white colonial-style Catholic church with a red roof, a small bell tower and impressive views of the coast. It is a very quiet and beautiful area that is worth coming to see.


It is a beautiful beach, not very large in the northeast of the island. Very close to Grand Baie.

The town is a good area to stay and it is not one of the most expensive. There are several rather familiar apartment buildings and hotels. In this area there are several restaurants and bars, small shops and areas ideal for walking and having an ice cream.

Mauritius is a paradise and any place you choose to stay is sure to have a spectacular beach, they all look very similar and some are quieter than others. Beaches that I also like but are a bit more active with a lot of tourism are the Flic and Flac area and belle mare.

If your budget allows it, the Le Morne area is the one I like the most in terms of landscapes and beaches. It's a beautiful place.

Tamarin Bay, one of the most amazing beaches in Mauritius

Tamarin Bay is one of my favorite corners on the Island, apart from being a beautiful beach, the landscape that surrounds it with green mountains, palm trees, precious turquoise water... make this place a paradise. It is a good option for snorkeling since there are a great variety of colorful fish.

Playas de Isla Mauricio


I hope you enjoy your trip to Madrid or Barcelona and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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