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Best secret spot of the Dominican Republic

Generally, tourism comes to the Dominican Republic looking for sun, white sand beaches and some fun activity to spend a nice vacation. If you dare to do something different, the best way to get to know the Dominican Republic is to take a route through the country, adding the most emblematic places with some alternative places.

In this post I tell you about some very special places in the country, alternative and off-road places that you should know if you are thinking of doing an itinerary through the Dominican Republic or if you want to dedicate a few sporadic days of your vacation to visit and do something different and out of the ordinary.


Colorado Stream

Arroyo Colorado is located in the Azua region, about 63 km west of Santo Domingo.

In this area it is possible to do agrotourism, an experience that is increasing more and more and is becoming more popular.

About 10 minutes walking from the camping area is the reason that inspires many travelers to approach the Valley of God; the red river of the Dominican Republic.

You can walk along the shore or even put your feet in or bathe. The most widespread theory about the color of the waters is that at its source there is an iron oxide mine.

Lugares escondidos de Republica Dominicana


Trudillé is a small fishing village in the south of the island, a remote place, a journey to simplicity where there is no drinking water, no shops, and no electricity except in the Navy house. Here money is not worth it but there are plenty of kilometers of turquoise and crystalline beaches, an incredible place without tourists. The ideal option to get lost and enjoy total peace and tranquility.

Cold Stream Canyon, Jamao

The Arroyo Frío Canyon is located in Jamao al Norte, in the Espaillat Province. It is a unique destination in the country and is one of the longest established canyoning routes in the Dominican Republic. The 3.5 km route is made through 18 waterfalls and more than 60 puddles. It is an adventurer's dream and a spectacular place.

Lugares escondidos de Republica Dominicana

Skinny Bull, Bonao

With imposing mountains and landscapes, Bonao in the central region is the capital of the Monseñor Nouel province. Among its rivers and secret corners we find a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the jungle called Toro Flaco. It is a paradise surrounded by nature and crystal clear waters.

Fronton Beach, Samana

Less than 20 minutes by boat from Playa Grande de Las Galeras, at the eastern end of the Samaná peninsula is one of the most impressive beaches in the Dominican Republic. Frontón has a phenomenal combination between beach and tropical forest, and crystal clear waters ideal for snorkeling. This hidden beach is a true paradise.

Lugares escondidos de Republica Dominicana

Chicho, Bayahibe

Padre Nuestro is a small area of ​​the Parque Nacional del Este, located near the tourist areas of Bayahibe and Dominicus, in a depression between two limestone faults is the so-called Valle de la Sábila. Since 2003, the trail has been turned into a reserve, where tourists can explore each of its petroglyph-laden caves and springs.

Lugares escondidos de Republica Dominicana

Clear hole

Hoyo Claro is located on the Verón-Punta Cana highway. It is an ecosystem of wetlands, several lagoons, meadows and palm forests. Among the wetlands is Hoyo Claro. An oasis among vegetation, perfect to enjoy the surroundings and a bath.

Lugares escondidos de Republica Dominicana


I hope you enjoy your trip to the Dominican Republic very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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