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Pura Besakih, the largest and most sacred temple in Bali

The mother temple of Besakih is one of the essential visits that you must do on your trip to Bali. You can not lose this!! And not only because it is the largest on this famous Indonesian island, but because it is the holiest temple for the Hindus who live there.

Also on the way here you can enjoy an area of ​​the island full of vegetation, green landscapes and rice fields. Along the way there are several stops with waterfalls and more hidden areas, which you will not find in the travel guides. So I encourage you to read the articles on Bali, where you will find a lot of information about the island and everything you need to know to discover the most impressive places.


Pura Besakih is located in the east of Bali, at the foot of Mount Agung (3,140 meters), and it is a huge complex made up of 23 buildings spread over six levels. The tour of the temple will take you all morning, wandering aimlessly, going in and out of the buildings and marveling at the details.

Today the origin of the temple is still unknown, but it is known that it has been a place of worship by Hindus ever since the Javanese conquerors arrived in Bali. The place expresses the belief of the Tri Hita Kirana, the balance with which one must live on earth, and is distributed in areas that represent the different layers that the universe has, according to Hinduism.

Pura Penataran Agung is the most important of all the temples in the complex, although all the Hindus who visit the complex every day leave offerings in all the temples and you will see them everywhere.

The spectacular thing about Pura Besakih is undoubtedly its magnitude and where it is located. If the visit coincides with a sacred or festive day, the number of faithful who arrive well dressed and with offerings make it something more special. And although these holidays some of its temples are closed only for Hindus, you can walk around the complex and enjoy this festivity. I have been lucky enough to visit the temple twice during its festivities and it is a great atmosphere.

I hope you enjoy the mother temple a lot, without a doubt it is a mandatory stop on your trip to Bali. You can continue reading more information about the Island of Bali, its temples, excursions, waterfalls and secret places on the main page.


I hope you enjoy your trip to Bali very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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