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7 Essential Places to visit in Ayacucho, Peru

Ayacucho is a city in Peru located in the central highlands of the country. Few are the foreign tourists who come here to see its towns and its natural wonders, especially if it is their first time in Peru. Yes a real pity. In this post I tell you about the 7 essential places to visit in Ayacucho, how to get there and some travel tips.

Ayacucho, Peru


To get to Ayacucho from Lima you can do it with a rental car, the journey is about 6 hours. The good thing about going with the rental car is that the whole journey is very beautiful, with beautiful landscapes and you can stop at your own pace.

Once in Ayacucho, you will need transportation to explore the surroundings, so it is the best option.

You can get there by bus, the journey takes about 10 hours. He is making a couple of stops to go to the toilet and rest.

The cost is about 13 euros, and there are two companies that manage this route. Red bus and Cruz del Sol.

Ayacucho has an airport, but no matter how much I searched for flights from Lima to Ayacucho I couldn't find any. In case you have more luck:


1. Walk the streets of Ayacucho

At times it reminded me a lot of Cusco. In a much smaller size, but with cobbled streets, with a beautiful parade ground where its buildings have the similarities of sand-colored stone, garden areas and surrounded by mountains.

Its Baroque-style cathedral is located in the same square, look for the colonial-style houses of Baza and Solís, you should not forget to stop at the monastery of Santa Teresa de las Carmelitas Descalzas, go to the neighborhood of Santa Ana to get to know local crafts and while you're at it you can do some souvenir shopping and if you want to see beautiful views of the city and watch the sunset you can do it from the Acuchimay viewpoint. The triumphal arch in the city is very beautiful and if you have time there are several museums, I especially liked a small museum "museo de la memoria" it is very interesting.

If you prefer to tour the city with a guide, you can do so with this guided tour for less than 12 euros.

Ayacucho, Peru

2. Vilcashuaman and Pumacocha

Take an excursion to visit Inca archaeological sites in the area.

The archaeological complex of Pumacocha you will be able to see the architectural remains of what was a resting place for the highest classes of the Inca culture. In the enclosure, the tower, the remains of the palace and the sundial or Intihuatana stand out.

The archaeological complex of Vilcashuamán was a city that in the 15th century had a lot of political importance. What stands out the most is the trapezoidal square, of a large size, which can gather 20,000 people. You will also be able to visit the ancient Temple of the Sun. Right above the temple they built a Catholic church, which contrasts very strikingly with the Inca ruins, although it seems that they have fitted in perfectly.

Ayacucho, Peru

3. La Picota Viewpoint

This viewpoint is located on the outskirts of the city, almost 5 kilometers from the main square and it will take you about an hour and a half to get there on foot. From here the views are spectacular!

From here there is a zip line, but we found it closed for maintenance. I really liked it! If you visit the city and go for it, send me a photo.

The walk is beautiful, but if you don't feel like walking or you're short on time, you can always get there by taxi for a few soles.

4. Canyons of Qorihuilca

Knowing the Qorihuilca Canyons is one of the most fun activities. Although I believe that the excursion is for all ages, I do require a bit of good physical condition. Once you reach the rock formations and cracks of the Canyons, you will start a route of about two hours. Where you will enter the cracks, between huge rocks, you will climb over them and sometimes you will even need the help of a rope and harness to pass some accesses.

I leave you all the information of the excursion:

5. Visit the town of Quinua

Just 25 kilometers from Ayacucho is the town of Quinua. The population itself does not have much, there are 4 cobbled streets with a very authentic air and it stands out mainly for its crafts, especially pottery. But just a few minutes outside of town is the Pampa de Ayacucho Historic Sanctuary.

6. Wari Archaeological Site

Here are the remains of the first Andean civilization that developed between the 7th and 13th centuries. There are the remains of the main palace, the tombs and the underground passageways. And you can also visit the museum, where there are many pieces that were found during the excavation. There are remains of crafts where you can appreciate their origin from the Wari culture.

If you feel like taking a tour, there is an option that includes this site, a visit to Quinua and the Pampa de Ayacucho Historic Sanctuary.

7. The Turquoise Waters of Millpu

The turquoise waters of the Millpun river are quite far from Ayacucho, about 120 kilometers. But it is absolutely worth getting here.

The turquoise waters of Millpu are a total of 20 pools in turquoise and green (depending on the time of year).

Ayacucho, Peru

The color of its waters is produced due to sunlight and the minerals carried by the river.

The best time to visit the Turquoise Waters is between May and September, when it is the dry season and there is less chance of rain. With the rains the color of the waters becomes more turbulent and green. In the dry season is when you can appreciate the intense turquoise waters.

You can visit with an excursion:

Ayacucho, Peru


In Ayacucho there is not a great variety of hotels of different categories. You have hostels, 2 and 3 star hotels. The best option is to stay close to the Plaza de Armas.


I hope you enjoy your trip to Peru a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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