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20 Essential Places to See in Singapore

Singapore is a small country, with 63 islands and its capital, Singapore. It is known as one of the most expensive capitals in the world, it is a bustle of activity 24 hours a day. Singapore has left behind the most traditional to become a city full of skyscrapers and amenities. Even so, there are precious corners and full of tradition that you have to know.

Throughout the year Singapore has a stable climate between 20º and 30º. Between the months of November until the end of February, mid-March, in Singapore it is the rainy season. So if you can avoid these months better.

Singapore is one of the most popular cities for its gastronomy worldwide. There are street food stalls with a Michelin star, and renowned restaurants. So if you are one of those who enjoy food, Singapore will not disappoint you.

In this post I tell you 20 essential places to see in Singapore, where to stay, curiosities and travel tips.

Imprescindibles que ver en Singapur


1. Marina Bay

Strolling through Marina Bay is a 3.5 km walk. And if the heat is too hot, you can cool off when you arrive at the Mist Walk, a huge vaporizer created to avoid the humid heat of the city.

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This is a luxurious hotel in Singapore, very popular for its architecture and its swimming pool.

Its three large towers and the park on the 57th floor have redefined the Singapore skyline. It is a huge hotel with 2,560 rooms and suites.

You can only enjoy a bath in this spectacular pool if you are a hotel customer, however, if you are not, you can access the bar to have a drink and enjoy the views from 200 meters high. On the 57th floor, there is a 12,400 square meter outdoor skypark.

If you can afford it, staying at this hotel is a great option. Although it is only suitable for some pockets. This 5-star hotel has Deluxe double rooms from around 380 euros a night to premium suites that exceed a thousand euros a night.

Imprescindibles que ver en Singapur

3. The Merlion statue

The Merlion statue is a mermaid lion and is a symbol of the city of Singapore. It is located at the mouth of the Singapore River and next to the park to which it gives its name: Merlion Park. At the top of the statue is a lion's head representing the name of the city. The meaning of Singapore is lion city. And in the lower part of the statue there is the body of a fish, which represents the origins of the city, since it was once famous for being a fishing village.

Definitely a must see in Singapore

4. Gardens by the Bay

These gardens are 2 huge greenhouses with species of trees and flowers from all over the world. The Flower Dome, as its name suggests, is home to a huge number of exotic flowers, while in the Cloud Forest you can see an impressive artificial waterfall.

5. Gardens by the Bay Artificial Trees

If you don't finally visit the Gardens by the Bay, a must see in Singapore are the artificial trees at the entrance to the Gardens. Every night these trees are illuminated forming a show of lights and music. Without a doubt, this is one of the most impressive places in the city of Singapore.

Imprescindibles que ver en Singapur

Imprescindibles que ver en Singapur

6. Singapore Flyer

This Ferris wheel is the largest in the world, with a height of 165 meters (If you have traveled to London, keep in mind that the London Eye only measures 30). The ride on the Ferris wheel lasts one hour. If you are lucky and the day is clear, apart from the spectacular views of Singapore, you will be able to see the nearby Malaysian islands, such as Pulau Batam, Pulau Bula, Pulau Kapalajernih, among others.

7. Museum of Asian Civilization

This museum is located in the Empress Place Bulding. Inside you will find artifacts and works of high value. That is why it is one of the most important museums in Singapore, since the Asian cultural heritage is preserved

8. Museum of Art and Science

This museum is located in front of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Its structure is reminiscent of a lotus flower and just visiting it from the outside is worth it. Inside you will be able to see everything from a flying machine invented by Leonardo da Vinci to examples of what could be the robots of the future. If you are passionate about science, this museum offers several galleries dedicated to it. It is a museum for all ages, and there are areas for children.

9. Pedang Neighborhood

The Pedang neighborhood is the most colonial area of ​​the city. Heritage buildings from the British colonial era. In this neighborhood are some of the most emblematic buildings of the city; The old House of Parliament, Victoria Theater, City Hall, the Supreme Court, the Empress Place Building, the Catholic Cathedral of St. Andrew and the Singapore Cricket Club, among others.

Walking around Pedang, enjoying its streets, walks, architecture and taking the opportunity to eat in its restaurants will take you almost a full day.

10. Singapore Zoo

If you like animals and are fond of zoos, you should know that the Singapore Zoo is considered one of the most beautiful and one of the best in the world. His animals live in "semi-freedom".

The natural environment in which they live and the associated climate have been reproduced to resemble the originals.

If you travel with children, it is a great visit. Because they will enjoy a very natural environment among animals.

11. Sentosa Park Aquarium

The Singapore Aquarium is also pretty cool. Its tunnels and pools reproduce 10 areas of the world to host 800 species of fish and aquatic animals. The main attraction is the Open Ocean.

12. Esplanade - Theaters on the Bay

If you like opera and want to enjoy it, you can do it in this theater. Tickets usually cost between 20 and 90 euros (to change).

13. Jurong Bird Park

This park is a place full of flamingos. It is the largest park in the world, dedicated only to flamingos. They have more than 600 species in a total space of 200,000 square meters.

14. Chinatown

One of the essential stops in any Southeast Asian country are the chinatowns. Here you will find endless shops, corners full of color, and places to stay and eat. Here you will find silk shops of all colors, technological objects, oriental food stalls, and even a Hindu temple: Sri Mariamman. Discover what to see in Singapore's Chinatown, where to eat and where to stay, from this post.

15. Singapore's Little India Neighborhood

You cannot leave Singapore without seeing the Little India neighborhood, it is one of the most special corners of the city. The most essential thing to visit is the Sri Veeramakaliamman temple. This temple is the oldest and most frequented. It was built in the year 1881, and is considered the most valuable by the Hindu community.

Imprescindibles que ver en Singapur

16. Singapore's Arab Quarter

In the Arab quarter of Singapore is the Sultan Mosque, a beautiful building that stands out from its surroundings. With a golden dome, and a very striking architecture on the outside. Inside you will find a carpet of almost 4 km and many beautiful chandeliers.

Some of the streets full of shops that are worth strolling through the Arab quarter are Arab Street, Muscat Street and Baghdag Street. Although my favorite is Bussorah Street, it is the most beautiful in the whole neighborhood. It is a pedestrian street with palm trees, restaurants, small shops. This street leads you to the mosque, so it is an essential stop.

17. Sentosa Island

Singapore has many islands. It is impossible to cover all of them in a single trip, or in two, or in three. It has a total of 63 islands, all of them with white sand, jungle and turquoise waters. We, who combine Malaysia and Singapore, had already been to several Malaysian islands, so after getting to know the city of Singapore, we decided to escape for 2 days to Sentosa Island, because we had little time and we didn't want to take more flights. It can be reached by bus, taxi... from the city of Singapore. It is very close, and to get to the island you just have to cross a bridge.

On this island they built a real resort with some accommodation and a sandy beach, Palawan Beach.

It is a great option to enjoy the sun and the beach very close to the city. On this island is also the Universal Studios Singapore, a golf course for lovers of this sport and the adventure Cove Waterpark.

Imprescindibles que ver en Singapur

18. Hawker Market

The market you will find an infinity of street food stalls. It is very cheap and very good. Here you will have the opportunity to eat authentic local food. There are several markets of this style, Maxwell Food, Gluttons Bay and the most popular Lau Pa Sat.

19. Stroll and dine at Clarke Quay

It is an area full of atmosphere in Singapore. On the river bank, there are many restaurants and bars to have a drink. When night falls, it is nice to walk along the river bank, where the humidity of the city is not so intense. There are food stalls, restaurants, clubs and some shops, all located in small colored houses, attached to each other.

20. Southern Ridge

This place is spectacular! Without a doubt, it is one of the essential stops to make in Singapore. This park is located in the upper area of ​​the city. To get there you will have to take public transport or a taxi.

Through walkways and suspension bridges you can walk between treetops and tropical forest. A true jewel of nature and an example of the concept of modernity and a clean city that Singapore claims to be. It is a very quiet and peaceful place.

20+1. Enjoy a day at Universal Studios Amusement Park

The Universal Studios in Singapore is the perfect activity to enjoy and release a bit of adrenaline in its attractions. It is located on the island of Sentosa and you can get there by metro and the connecting train to the park (included in the Singapore MetroCard).

Imprescindibles que ver en Singapur



I hope you enjoy your trip to Singapore a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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