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The most beautiful beaches of Las Terrenas in Samana

Just 45 minutes by car from the city of Samaná, you will find the town of Las Terrenas. Where you can enjoy kilometers of white sand beaches, surrounded by vegetation and palm trees. In this area, although there are also tourist accommodation, it is not an area so full of hotels one after another and there are incredible places where you can enjoy this paradise alone.

In this town you will not find many things to visit, since it is hardly a town with houses, some bars and restaurants and little else. But what you will find are beaches and beaches and more spectacular beaches.

In this post I tell you about the beaches of Las Terrenas, so you can find the one you like the most and enjoy it to the fullest. And how to get to them by boat.

Las playas más bonitas de las Terrenas en Samaná

In this area there are several accommodation options, hotels and houses, apart from being a very quiet area of ​​the Dominican Republic, you can also do endless activities and you can read what else they do in Samaná in the post:


The Beach of the Whales

It is known by this name because from its shore you can see three keys whose shape is reminiscent of the backs of whales. It is possible to walk or drive from the town of Las Terrenas. It is a place very visited by locals and tourists, and has many hotels.

Nice beach

It is one of the most spectacular in Samaná. Its white sand and coconut palms leaning towards the blue sea are the perfect description of paradise. It is only ten minutes from the town and is lined with hotels and in recent years the villas and buildings have grown significantly, something that from my point of view is a shame because a few years ago this place was almost empty of tourism. ideal for escaping from crowded areas and large resorts. It is still a beautiful beach.

Las playas más bonitas de las Terrenas en Samaná

Las playas más bonitas de las Terrenas en Samaná

Coson Beach

It is an ideal place if what we are looking for is peace and tranquility. On the shore of the beach there is a kind of well-known "restaurant", which is known by the name of its owner: Luis. Here it is possible to enjoy delicious fish and other local delicacies.

Popy Tip

It is one of the busiest for Dominicans and is only two minutes from town. There are bars, restaurants and music all day. It is a place to celebrate parties on weekends and a daily meeting point in the afternoons once the work days are over.

Moron Beach

It is also located near the town of El Limón. It is a practically virgin beach and can be accessed by quad or 4×4 car. You can see from here Quad excursions through Samaná.

El Valle Beach

It can be reached by a sandy road and where natives live who work and live from the land. Another spectacular place where we can enjoy the sound of the waves and nature. It is a beach rarely visited by tourists and it still looks like a virgin area.

El Portillo Beach

It is the beach of the Bahia Principe el Portillo hotel. Nearby are other places of interest such as Playa Bonita, Salto del Limón or the Cáscada el Limón, which is truly spectacular to admire.


I hope you enjoy your trip to the Dominican Republic very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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