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How to Visit Niagara Falls from Toronto

Niagara Falls is one of those essential places to see if you travel to Toronto. They are located in a meander of the Niagara River, it is actually a false river, since it does not flow into the sea, but rather connects Lakes Erie and Ontario. It marks the border between Canada and the United States. You can see them from the American side or from the Canadian side and we can also cross the border on foot if you want.

Cataratas del Niagara


There are actually two large falls in the area, separated by a small island: the more spectacular Horseshoe Falls and American Falls. Horseshoe Falls is the larger of the two. It receives that name from its horseshoe shape. It is 670 meters wide and the water falls from a height of 53 meters.

Given the border division, most of them are located in Canadian territory, although it looks good from the US side. For its part, the American Falls are somewhat smaller and are located entirely on the American side, which makes them better seen from Canada.

Niagara Falls are a huge tourist attraction. Above all, on the Canadian side, which allows a better view than the American one.

Visiting them will not take you long, and there are several companies that manage daily outings.

Near the Canadian shore, a complex of hotels, casinos and family leisure places has been created focused on the tourist public, it is usually a rather expensive area to stay but it is a good experience if you want to see the falls at night or at dusk.

Cataratas del Niagara

There is a hotel at the foot of the Falls that allows you to stay and enjoy this show from your room.

Hotel The Oakes Hotel Overlooking the Falls: From 105 euros/night room. double with views of the falls.

If you have the necessary documentation, you can go from one shore to the other on foot, crossing the bridge and customs. If we cross from the Canadian side to the US side there is a small toll of about 50 cents, while if we do it the other way around there is none.


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