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How to get from Puerto Princesa to El Nido, Palawan

Puerto Princesa, capital of the island of Palawan, is an essential stop if you want to visit El Nido. There are several ways to get to the island and different ports, but the island's International airport is located in Puerta Princesa.

Puerto Princesa sits right in the middle of the island, with El Nido at the top end, 260 km away. Although we imagine that the island is small, it is not at all. And crossing it, taking into account the state of the roads, is somewhat slow. Doing this tour will take you at least 5 hours. In this post I talk about the 3 options you have to go from Puerto Princesa to El Nido.


By minibus or bus, the cheapest way to go from Puerto Princesa to El Nido

The bus or minivan option is the most common option. There are several daily departures and the cost is relatively cheap. The price is around 10 euros per person and way. The minivans are shared and take an average of 5 hours to arrive. During the tour he makes 2 or 3 stops to go to the bathroom, buy fresh water or eat something. Generally all have air conditioning.

Private transfer

There is the possibility of reserving a minivan exclusively for you and your companions. If there are several of you, the cost will be similar to the cost of going by bus. It usually costs about 110 euros each way and can accommodate up to 8 passengers. The advantage of the private minivan is that if you need to make an extra stop there will be no problem. Also, if you travel with a lot of luggage they will not cause you problems.

By rental car, a comfortable option if you plan to explore the entire island of Palawan

Car rentals in Palawan are an alternative if your intention is to tour the island from end to end and be able to access beaches that you will only reach with your own transport.

The advantage of the rental car is the time you will spend on the tour. You can go at your own pace, stop whenever you want and organize your route according to your preferences.

The cost of a rental car is around 70 euros a day and you can find gas stations and petrol sales along the main road.

Take an excursion to El Nido from Puerto Princesa

If you have little time and are not thinking of staying in El Nido, an alternative way to get there is to take an excursion from Puerto Princesa.

They are long excursions of between 14 and 18 hours, but with which you can enjoy the paradisiacal landscapes of El Nido.


Sanitation in the Philippines is pretty bad. And although there are several outpatient clinics on the different well-known islands, if you have an accident or need hospitalization, it will be necessary to move to Manila or even to another country like Singapore or Thailand where there are high-level international hospitals.

Accidents happen, we get sick, and they may need to call for medical help at any time.

In addition to the fact that the Philippines does not have good sanitation, tourists are charged a lot for an antibiotic prescription or a primary cure. I no longer tell you if you will need to be transferred.

Hiring travel insurance for the Philippines is essential. In addition, it is quite cheap. To give you an idea, insurance that includes 2 weeks in the Philippines will cost around 50 euros per person. This type of insurance includes medical assistance up to 500 thousand euros, transfers, hospitalizations, flights back to your country if necessary, lost luggage, delays, cancellations...



I hope you enjoy your trip to the Philippines very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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