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How to get from Incheon airport to Seoul city center

Going from Seoul airport to the city center is very easy and fast. The two airports close to Seoul are Incheon Airport and Gimpo Airport. Incheon International Airport is the main airport and the most likely option if you are flying from afar.

In this post I talk about the options you have to go from Incheon airport to the center of Seoul.

Cómo ir del aeropuerto Incheon al centro de Seúl


On the AREX Train, the best option to go from Seoul airport to the center

This train is available at both airports: Incheon and Gimpo. The fastest way to get from Seoul Airport to the city center is the AREX train. It stops at Terminals 1 and 2 of Incheon Airport. Once you go through control, collect your luggage and exit through the exits, follow the AREX indications. It is very easy, it is perfectly signposted.

The Arex Express runs directly from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station in 40 minutes. Trains leave from 5:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. and leave every 20 minutes. From there you can connect to any part of the city by subway (the best transport to move around Seoul).

Cómo ir del aeropuerto Incheon al centro de Seúl

The AREX Express costs 9,000 won. If you are traveling with 2 or more companions there is a small group discount and it costs 7,500 won per person. The same if you present the ticket of a Korean airline. You can pay in cash or by card.

closer. The ticket for the AREX train costs 1,250 won. Although it also has a metro stop from the airport.

By private transport, a very comfortable option to go from the airport to the door of your hotel

If you travel with a lot of luggage and you don't feel like having to make the journey by train and then one or more changes by metro to get to the door of your hotel, a good option is private transportation. They are basically taxis, which have your reservation made and are waiting for you at the airport gate, in addition to being aware of possible flight delays... They usually cost around 60 euros each way. If you travel two or more, the cost is not very high. The great advantage is that they leave you at the door of your hotel, without you having to be aware of the subway transfers, knowing which exit to exit, which direction to take...

By Taxi

As the last option to go from Seoul airport to the center, you have the taxi. Like private transport, it is a very comfortable option, but not so cheap. The price is around 65 euros one way. Once you have collected the luggage, you will find signs to go to the taxi rank.

If you arrive in Seoul at dawn, I advise you to book private transportation in advance. At that time you will not have the option of the AREX train and taxis, without reservation, charge much more.

Recommendations for moving around Seoul

In South Korea, Google maps does not work to follow the itinerary. You will be able to search for places, but not routes. The easiest option to find out how to get to the place you want, search for the destination on Google maps, zoom in on the map and you will see the name of the nearest metro stop. Find it on your paper map (at all stops you have a huge map to know which line to take) and get there.

I have moved around Seoul, without a SIM card and without a map. I was just looking for the name of the nearest metro stop and followed the maps located on the metro. But if you want to be a little safer and have everything more controlled, including having the exact route, I recommend you download the Naver Map APP. It is very similar to Google maps, but it works perfectly in South Korea.

If you want to have a slightly more extensive guide on how to get around Seoul, here is my guide on how to get around Seoul by subway and bus.

Cómo ir del aeropuerto Incheon al centro de Seúl



I hope you enjoy your trip to Seoul very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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