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15 Curiosities of Slovakia that will surprise you

If you are going to travel to Slovakia and you are curious to know some curious facts about the country, do not miss this post that I will tell you about the 15 best curiosities of Slovakia. Also, do not forget that you have a complete guide to travel to Slovakia here.


1. Nightlife underground

Something very common in Slovakia is that the bars are underground, this is due to the dreaded cold season, since being underground it is not as cold as on the surface. These bars have no windows, just lights and a ventilation system. It is a fairly common custom in countries like Russia, Slovenia…

2. A detail that goes unnoticed in Bratislava

In the historic center of Bratislava, in the most touristic streets, if you look closely you will find some golden engravings with a crown embedded in the ground. Formerly when Bratislava was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, kings were crowned in the city. The engraved crowns symbolize the path they followed from the San Martin Cathedral, through the streets of the old town.

3. Poppy seeds are a fundamental part of Slovak cuisine

Poppy seeds are a complement that we usually see in some breads (at least in my country). But in Slovakia they take it to the next level. You will find them in all kinds of breads, baked goods and cakes, in various sweets and in savory dishes such as some traditional meat stews.

4. Off shoes

One of the traditions in many countries is to take off your shoes at the entrance of the house and although it is very uncommon where I live, it is a custom that I have adopted, because I love going barefoot. In Slovakia it is a very custom and is practiced daily, even with guests. The intention is to keep the houses cleaner and above all clean of bad energies and spirits. Since many say that during the day the negative energy is putting on the shoes.

5. Bratislava and its borders

Although many countries in the world have several neighbors on their borders. Bratislava is the only capital in the world that is located on the borders of three countries; Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.

6. The first technical university is located in Slovakia

The Mining Academy founded in 1762 by Queen Maria Theresa in Banská Štiavnica, was the world's first technical university dedicated to mining.

7. In Slovakia they drink Kofola

Slovakia is one of the few countries in the world where Coca-Cola is not the best-selling beverage. Slovaks prefer Kofola, a carbonated drink made from Kofo syrup that contains caffeine. Kofola began to be sold in 1962 in Czechoslovakia and was the competitor of Coca-Cola and Pepsi drinks, available in communist Czechoslovakia, although they were quite expensive.

8. Slovakia and Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven composed the famous Moonlight Sonata at Dolná Krupá in Slovakia. The Sonata was dedicated to Giulietta Giuccardi.

9. An inverted pyramid in Bratislava

One of the ugliest buildings built in the communist period is this radio building, which has been an inverted pyramid. It is a building that does not go unnoticed. The building is located in the very center of Bratislava and nowadays, at dusk, it is illuminated with colored lights, making it a little more beautiful.

10. Nudism in Slovakia

In Slovakia there are many lakes where you can cool off in summer. Some natural and some artificial. One of the things that caught my attention is that being a conservative country and that until recently was much more so, nudism in the lakes is so accepted by society. And not only among young people, being in all ages. In most of the lakes there are behavioral indications and they tell you if the lake is nudist or not. That does not mean that you have to get naked, but it will be common for you to share a bathroom with nudists.

11. LGTBIQ+ pride day is celebrated on a very peculiar day

Something that is striking is that Slovakia celebrates Pride on the same day as the traditional family. It is something that seems great to me, but being such a conservative country, it attracts a lot of attention. On the same day in the central squares of each city you will find people demonstrating for their rights in the group, while the opposite side of traditional families claiming that the family should be formed by "dad, mom..." come on, two opposing sides, all together on the same day. Slovakia is a country that has to make much more progress with gender and sexual diversity.

12. Bratislava is also called the city of names

Throughout history, Bratislava has been part of different territories and we can see that in the number of different names it has had according to who populated its lands. From Istropolis during the Middle Ages, Pressburg the German name that it acquired during the Austro-Hungarian Empire or Pozsony, the Hungarian name and as it is still recognized today in Hungary. It was not until the beginning of Czechoslovakia in 1919 that it received the name of Bratislava.

13. Alcohol in Slovakia

It is well known that alcohol in colder countries is very popular at all hours. Partly to warm up. Although little by little I think that it is more of a tradition and a custom. Because, even if it's summer, alcohol runs its course in the lives of Slovaks.

In Slovakia it is normal to have a shot of something strong before a meal, to open up the stomach.

Once the meal begins, they accompany it with wine, beer or even vodka. And in the evenings, the bars are filled with people consuming all kinds of strong alcoholic beverages.

You can consume anything from Vodka, the best-known drink, to others such as: Borovicka, an alcohol that is very strong in smell and taste that is prepared with the fruit of a tree in the area, Becherovka, which is made with different types of grass, Hruskovica is a pear liqueur, but much stronger than the one we know, and the most famous of all, the Tatratea, made with herbs that come from the Tatras mountains. And its graduation goes from 30 degrees to 72.

72 degrees! I didn't try any, I don't like alcohol, but if you dare to try the 72 degree one, please, tell me about the experience and how the night ended.

14. Slovakia and its castles

One of the curiosities that most caught my attention is that Slovakia has more than 700 castles. It is the country with the most castles per capita. Therefore, you will find castles wherever you go. Many of them, especially in rural areas, are abandoned or in ruins. Even so, many have the option of being visited and they are very cool. I tell you about some of them in the most beautiful places to see in Slovakia.

15. The Bratislava Primatial Palace and its tapestries

The most complete series of tapestries in the world is found in the Primatial Palace in Bratislava. The series consists of 6 pieces and comes from the 17th century. It shows the tragic love story of Hero and young Leandro.



I hope you enjoy your trip to Slovakia very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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