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Cenote Escondido and Cenote Cristal, Tulum

Did you know that in the Quintana Roo Peninsula it is estimated that there are about 600 cenotes discovered at the moment? And what in the Yucatan Peninsula there are approximately 7 thousand?

What we now know as small paradises, in ancient times the cenotes were the favorite place for Mayan Rituals.

There are many impressive cenotes to see in the Riviera Maya. Some are included in excursions, some are more hidden and you can visit them for free... In this post I talk about my two favorite cenotes, Cenote Escondido and Cenote Cristal, very close to Tulum, in the Riviera Maya.

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Cenote escondido, Tulum


This beautiful paradise is located close to Tulum. These are two completely open cenotes, completely surrounded by jungle where you can swim and enjoy the cool and transparent water.

They are located near the town of Tulum, just 3km away. And although they are two cenotes close to a very popular tourist spot, organized excursions in the area do not include a stop there, so a large volume of tourists don't even know it exists. When we arrived we found it just for us.

Cenote escondido, Tulum

To access these cenotes, as in the vast majority, you must pay an entrance fee. This entrance is shared, it costs 120 mxn and you can access both the hidden Cenote and the Cristal cenote.

Each one of the cenotes is located a lake from the road and to be able to locate them you must look at the small local sign nailed to a post.

Cenote escondido, Tulum

Cenote Cristal has easy access and you barely have to walk, as the morning progresses it is the cenote that fills up the most. On the other hand, to get to the Escondido cenote you must walk from the ticket booth about 2km along a path that enters the jungle between mangroves. That is why it is the perfect cenote if you are looking for tranquility and peace.

Cenote escondido, Tulum

Being a "commercialized" cenote it has some advantages such as that there are some basic services such as; changing rooms, bathrooms and tables to eat (your picnic, here you will not find shops or bars).

Cenote escondido, Tulum

It is perfect to spend a morning. Keep in mind that the best time to visit it is in the morning until noon. In the afternoon as dusk approaches this is a hive of mosquitoes and insects. We arrived around 10am and there was no one. It was when we were enjoying this place that some more people began to arrive. But without a doubt, they are one of the most beautiful and least crowded cenotes in the Riviera Maya.

How to get to Cenote escondido and cenote de Cristal

It is located 3km from Tulum approx. You must take the direction Felipe Carrillo Puerto. You must buy the ticket at the Cristal cenote. This booth is on the right hand side of the Felipe Carrillo Puerto highway, it is well indicated, you cannot miss it.

Cenote escondido, Tulum


I hope you enjoy your trip to Mexico a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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