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The 20 Best Things to See and Do in Los Cabos, Baja California

Los Cabos is one of the most popular destinations in Mexico and one of the favorite places to enjoy the beaches in Baja California. Its beaches are spectacular, the postcard landscape, there are many activities to do in Los Cabos, and, in addition, the gastronomy is excellent. These are some of the things that attract attention so that every year millions of tourists (especially Mexicans and Americans) come to Los Cabos to enjoy a few days of vacation.

Despite the fact that the area is generally quite touristy, there are some corners that are not so popular and equally spectacular that are worth discovering.

In this post I tell you the best things to see and do in Los Cabos, I add where to stay and some travel tips.

que ver y hacer en Los Cabos, Baja California


1. The Arch of Los Cabos

The famous Los Cabos stamp is a rock formation that emerges from the sea at the tip of the Baja California peninsula. Popularly known as "the end of the earth". It is a kind of rocky arch. It is just 100 meters from Playa del Amor. A perfect beach for snorkeling.

Although this arch is the most popular, it is not the only rock formation, and there are other small arches. The best option to be able to take the famous photograph of the arch is to take a boat tour. Now there is even the option of making the boat completely transparent so that you can see the seabed! In the rock formations and near the beach you can see sea lions, birds and even whales.

Activities related to seeing the Arco de los Cabos:

2. Enjoy El Médano Beach

Medano Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Los Cabos. It is located just 1.5 km from Cabo San Lucas. From the beach you can see the "end of the earth", the arch.

The sand is white and fine, in addition to the fact that the water is wonderful, completely crystal clear and very calm.

It is one of the best areas for snorkeling (especially if you are a beginner). On the beach there are many stalls for activities and equipment rental. You can snorkel, paddle surf, dive, skydive on the beach... In addition, there is a restaurant and other services.

que ver y hacer en Los Cabos, Baja California

3. Stroll through Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is "a seaside resort" at the southern tip of the Peninsula. Wow, that is the town of Los Cabos. This is where most of the hotels, restaurants, bars, nightlife are concentrated... as well as some beaches.

The fishing port, where currently you can also see yachts and large boats, is one of the best places to go if you are looking to eat seafood, or go out to party.

In Cabo San Lucas there is also a glass factory. An interesting activity to do on your trip to Los Cabos.

You can take a tour of Cabo San Lucas, where you will get to know the town (both the old town and part of the modern area), the glass factory, you will take a boat ride to the Arch... It is a very complete excursion.

que ver y hacer en Los Cabos, Baja California

4. Do not miss Santa María Beach

Santa María Beach is one of the most beautiful in Los Cabos. It is a cove that reminds me a lot of Playa del Papagayo in Lanzarote or Cala Pregona in Menorca.

With more reddish sand, it stands out with the turquoise and crystalline blue of its waters.

It is a paradise to enjoy a day at the beach and to snorkel and/or dive. The beach is located in a protected area, so its marine life is abundant, with many colorful fish, crabs in its rockiest area, algae...

5. Visit the historic center of San José

San José has a very special charm. Its colorful streets adorned with flags and flowers are a perfect place to wander aimlessly. In San José you will find the gallery district, an essential part of your trip to Los Cabos.

Some of the most famous art galleries with: Patricia Mendoza Gallery, La Sacristía and Córcega.

You have the option of touring the historic center, its art galleries and some of its bars to do some tequila and beer tasting with an organized tour.

que ver y hacer en Los Cabos, Baja California

6. Visit the Mission of San José del Cabo Anuiti

San José del Cabo Anuiti, in colonial times, was the southernmost mission in Old California. It was dedicated to San José and was built in the same place that the Pericúes ethnic group called Anuiti. The mission was destroyed by the natives in 1736 in their war against the religious Jesuits who wanted to impose new customs. It was rebuilt and then abandoned until it disappeared and the church that stands on the site was later built in the year 1940.

7. Snorkel or scuba dive in Los Cabos

The natural marine area of ​​Los Cabos is impressive and one of the best you can find in Mexico. There are many places where you can snorkel. On the same beaches, in the Arco area and even in some of its National Parks.

If you are an expert in diving, visit some of the specialized stores and schools, where they offer more professional packages.

For those not so experienced who want to live the experience, there are some more basic and very complete packages that will make you fall in love with diving.

8. Cabo Pulmon National Park, the perfect place for diving in Los Cabos

Speaking of National Parks to visit, Cabo Pulmon National Park is a must on your trip to Los Cabos.

It is a protected species of the Sea of ​​Cortez with the only hard and robust reef in the Baja California peninsula and diving experts say it is one of the best reefs in the world.

The Park contains more than 6,000 marine species. Among the most abundant species in its waters are mother of pearl, lobster and oyster, while reptiles predominate on land. This wonder of a National Park has been a World Heritage Site by Unesco since 2005.

que ver y hacer en Los Cabos, Baja California

9. Get to the Fox Canyon waterfall

This waterfall is one of the places that goes unnoticed by tourists. Although it is a popular place as you have to drive a lot, it is off the list of what to see in Los Cabos.

It is an hour and a half drive from Cabo San Lucas. It is a true hidden gem and you will find it in Cañón de la Zorra. It is a unique waterfall in Los Cabos that has water 365 days a year. At its feet there is a beautiful pool, perfect for cooling off a bit.

10. Get to know the Fox Canyon

The Cañón de la Zorra is a beautiful nature reserve at the foot of the Sierra de La Laguna. There are many hiking trails that you can do in the reserve. From crossing arid trails, greener trails, reaching natural pools or even walking along the banks of the river.

In the Cañón de la Zorra there is also the Ecological Ranch of the Cañón de la Zorra. Where is the waterfall that I mentioned in the previous point.

You can arrive for free and pay an entrance to access the nature reserve. You can also take an excursion that includes a guide, tickets, transportation, hiking trail, food...

11. Spend the day in Todos Santos

This laid-back city is perfect to get to know on a day trip from Los Cabos. It is about an hour away. away. You can do it for free by renting a car or doing an organized tour.

Once you get to the town, the ideal is to walk and stroll through its streets without hurry, knowing its corners. Visit its church and get lost in its craft markets.

Come to see the Hotel California, the Museum of the House of Culture, take the route of the galleries, reach the Jesuit mission of Nuestra Señora del Pilar, photograph the Manuel Márquez de León theater and have an ice cream strolling through its crowded historic center of colored pennants.

que ver y hacer en Los Cabos, Baja California

12. Santiago, one of the most characteristic towns in Los Cabos

Santiago is a small town about 45 kilometers from San José. In the 18th century, the Jesuit mission of Santiago de Los Coras Aiñiní settled here.

After the expulsion of the Jesuits, the mission began to be managed by Franciscan and Dominican monks, until it was abandoned some time later. Currently, the church that we find in its place was built some time later.

There are no tours that go only to Santiago, or that include a visit to the town. I recommend that if you want to know all the little towns in Los Cabos, rent a car for a couple of days and go on your own.

13. Santa Rita Hot Spring

These hot springs are located in the city of San José. They are definitely a hidden gem. To get to them you must take into account that you will have to drive on dirt roads, dusty and with some potholes. Once you arrive, you must pay the entrance to the hot springs. (About 180 Mexican pesos).

14. The Hot Spring

If you have been wanting to visit some more hot springs, you can do it in El Chorro. These hot springs are somewhat smaller than the previous ones and with more people, despite that, it is a wonderful opportunity to relax in its warm waters. (The price is around 20 Mexican pesos).

15. Enjoy a sailboat ride on the Sea of ​​Cortez

One of the best activities to do in Los Cabos is to enjoy its sea. And what better way than to do it with a sailboat ride. You will be able to enjoy the relaxing sea breeze, the rocky landscape of the Los Cabos coast and eat on board.

que ver y hacer en Los Cabos, Baja California

16. Do not miss Playa Palmilla; surfing, snorkeling, fishing and diving

Another of the most beautiful beaches in the area is Playa Palmilla. It is part of the beach corridor located between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. This area is also popular for its marine life and the possibility of snorkeling and diving. In addition, it is a very popular area for fishing. For those who want to surf in Los Cabos, in this area there are a little more waves. Do not expect much, but if waves are "high" enough to surf a wave.

17. Visit La Ribera

La Ribera is a beautiful fishing town in Los Cabos that lives from fishing, livestock, agriculture and, of course, tourism. It has an extensive white sand beach ideal for spending the day, practicing water sports or enjoying a beautiful sunset. According to the locals, La Ribera is the best place to catch a huge wahoo, marlin or sailfish.

18. Miraflores and its Pitahaya festival

Miraflores is a town that you will find just over 40 kilometers from San José del Cabo. It is a population that, at present, despite tourism, remains very traditional. Here, products based on Pitahaya, also known as dragon fruit, are traditionally made. The Pitahaya Fair is held in July and the Queen of the Pitahaya is chosen, always a local woman dressed in a picturesque typical costume in which the colors of the Mexican flag predominate. It is a very popular festival among travelers, who take advantage of their vacations to enjoy this local and festive atmosphere.

19. Whale watching

If you are going to travel to Los Cabos from December to the end of January, you cannot miss this show.

The most common whale that visits the coasts of Los Cabos during the months of December and January is the humpback whale, followed by the gray whale.

These two magnificent creatures are a joy to behold and you can take a tour to see them jump out of the water, known as the “Gap”.

que ver y hacer en Los Cabos, Baja California

20. Visit the Los Cabos Desert

On the shores of the Sea of ​​Cortez there is a desert that you can travel by buggy, quad, camel, horse or on foot.

There are coastal areas where you can also enjoy the small virgin coves and the crystalline turquoise blue water.

If you have read any of my previous articles, you know that I usually advise against all kinds of activities that are related to animals. However, there are times when you feel like doing some activity of this type, and if you feel like doing a camel or horseback ride, you have the option of taking a tour of the Los Cabos Desert.

If, on the other hand, you feel like doing the route through the Los Cabos desert on a Buddy or quad, you also have a 3:30-hour tour. This activity can only be done by those over 16 years of age.


You have many options where to stay in Los Cabos.

Generally the preferred area is the coast, specifically Cabo San Lucas. Here you will find an infinite number of accommodations for all budgets and preferences. If, on the other hand, you are looking for rural or more traditional tourism, you can stay in San José or in one of the nearby towns.

We stayed almost our entire stay in Cabo San Lucas, specifically at the Hotel Tesoro Los Cabos, right in front of the port. We were looking for something cheap but at the same time that was very good. It is a 4-star hotel, with a swimming pool and all the comforts of a resort.

There are many 5-star resorts, with an all-inclusive option. Just like there are also 3 and 4 star hotel options for quite cheap prices.

We spent one night in San Jose. Some friends recommended us to enjoy a little more of this small city. And the truth is that we do not regret it at all. We loved being able to go calmly visiting all the galleries, its streets... and at night enjoy the city in a very warm and familiar atmosphere.

In San José del Cabo we stayed at the 4-star SIX TWO FOUR Urban Beach Hotel. It is a very nice, modern and comfortable hotel. In addition, it worked out quite well for the price.

In San José you also have resorts, luxury hotels, simpler but comfortable hotels and inns or bed and breakfasts.


I hope you enjoy your trip to Los Cabos a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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