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10 Best Places to See in Calgary, Canada

I return to Canada, this time specifically to tour Alberta. And if there was one thing I really wanted on this trip, it was getting lost in the natural parks and finding the famous turquoise water lakes.

We decided to rent a car from the Calgary airport and start our Road Trip through Alberta from there.

Our first stop was in Calgary where we spent 2 days, they are the necessary to know the most impressive places in this city of steel and glass.

In this article I tell you what to see and do in Calgary, where to stay and I add links to other blog articles about Alberta that may help you organize your trip.

Qué ver en Calgary, Canadá


1. Heritage Park

It is a park that can transport you in a time machine to visit different periods of history. You will be able to meet staff and buildings, fully characterized.

It is well worth visiting this place to be able to immerse yourself in the experience of learning more about the history of Alberta and Canada. In addition, there are many activities for the whole family, from performances, museums, games and even being able to get on an original train that goes around the park.

Qué ver en Calgary, Canadá

2. Fort Calgary

This place served from 1875 to stop the entry of merchants who wanted to traffic whiskey in the area. It was established by the Canadian North West Mounted Police and is currently a historic site and museum.

3. Studio Bell

The Studio Bell is home to the city's National Music Center, but it is also an impressive museum with architecture that leaves many impressed. At least I was fascinated by this building.

It is remodeled and its facade is what most attracts attention. Inside you will find many exhibits that tell the story of music in Alberta and Calgary, as well as spaces where you can experiment with various musical instruments.

Just visiting it from the outside is already worth it, the building is spectacular.

4. Calgary Tower

This tower is an emblem of the city and you will surely have seen it in many photographs. It is the most representative image found on Calgary posters, souvenirs, postcards and images. And although it is not as beautiful as the tower in Toronto, it is a must see if you are going to travel to Calgary.

The tower has a 360° observation deck, and from here you can get amazing views of the entire city and even the famous Canadian Rockies.

With the price of your ticket, you can enjoy a multimedia show available in several languages.

Qué ver en Calgary, Canadá

5. Prince's Island Park

Prince's Island Park is an urban park just north of downtown. It is surrounded by the Bow River and once stood a sawmill here that used the canal around the island to bring logs from the forests of the Kananaskis region to Calgary.

In the late 1940s, the city bought the land to create this park that offers a natural theater with grass tiers where Shakespearean performances are performed outdoors, playgrounds, picnic areas, fountains, lakes, and various areas for relax and enjoy.

It is a beautiful park, where you can be surrounded by greenery in the middle of the city.

Qué ver en Calgary, Canadá

6. Stephen Avenue

It is in the center of the city and here you can find restaurants, bars and shops. It is a very nice area in the center of a modern city full of steel, glass and concrete buildings.

7. Glenbow Museum

This is the largest museum in all of Western Canada, and is well worth a visit. You will find all kinds of cultural and artistic exhibitions, as well as being able to learn more about the history of the so-called "First Nations".

You will find photographic exhibitions, sculptures, paintings and much more.

8. Calgary Library

Visiting the Calgary Library may be one of the best things to do in the city. The building where it is located is a true work of art.

Qué ver en Calgary, Canadá

I love books, I'm a bit of a reading freak and I always have a book in my hand or my ibook! So it was impossible for me to miss this place. What I did not expect was to be left with my mouth open with the building.

8. Cultural Center in Chinatown

Calgary's Chinatown is the fourth largest in Canada, behind Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

One of the buildings that stands out the most for its architecture and decoration is the Chinese Cultural Center. The main hall of the building was made in the likeness of the prayer hall of the Beijing Temple of Heaven and the blue tiles on the roof were brought directly from China. Inside, the ceiling is decorated with 561 dragons and 40 phoenixes.

There is an exhibition room where we can see the evolution of Chinese immigration in Canada as well as different artifacts such as sculptures, armor, works of art. In addition, the center has a library and several classrooms for workshops.

9. Kensington

Kensington is one of the most lively neighborhoods in the city. It reminded me especially of the Camden neighborhood of London. It is a place to walk among independent, second-hand and alternative stores. There are also several terraces, cafes and restaurants.

10. Peace Bridge

Cities are increasingly committed to sustainable transport, such as public transport, bicycles, walking... Canada is one of the countries that is most committed to sustainability, and Calgary is home to one of the best-known bridges; Peace Bridge.

Qué ver en Calgary, Canadá

This red bridge was inaugurated in 2012 and since then it has been used by some six thousand people daily. It is a small, 130-meter bridge that connects downtown Calgary with the Sunnyside community.

Qué ver en Calgary, Canadá


We chose to stay in the center since we were only going to spend 2 nights and we wanted to make the most of our time.

Some great accommodation options in downtown Calgary include:


In general, all travelers who arrive in Calgary are with the intention of doing a road trip or some excursions through the Canadian Rockies.

Although there are several organized tours, the best option is to rent a car to do the route at your own pace. I have several Alberta items for you to complete your trip:

Qué ver en Calgary, Canadá


I hope you enjoy your trip to Canada a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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