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  1. Seller data: “I challenge you to discover the world” is a brand owned by me, Mireia Alcañiz with a contact email: and who is also the author and owner of this site: https: //

  2. Information on services and products: Through I challenge you to discover the world travel plans, complete destination guides, maps and decorative plates, among other products of thestore. Both general and custom. These products are sent in pdf format and are made exclusively by me, Mireia Alcañiz, based on my own experience in all my travels. And created and designed by me, down to the last detail.
    The details and description of each product are explained in its description within this site.
    Any particularity or exception about a specific service, product or training will be reported in the description of each one.

  3. Intellectual property: All products, articles, photographs, posts, pages, etc... y contents of this website; texts, videos, tutorials, podcasts, images, graphics, infographics, etc... are subject to copyright and intellectual property, of which I am the owner. In no case will said rights be transferred or assigned without my prior, explicit and written consent.
    It is expressly forbidden to reproduce, disseminate, sell, distribute and use for commercial or non-commercial purposes the products purchased on the "I challenge you to discover the world" blog, both personalized and general. The realization of any type of use of said products that violates my rights will be the subject of a claim on my part.

  4. Price and taxes: They are those marked in each case, expressed in euros (€), and include the corresponding VAT applicable in Spain.
    For the issuance of the corresponding invoices, I would appreciate it if you send me your tax information to my contact email so that I can send it to you.

  5. Availability: The products offered on the web are always available, except for errors. In case you buy one that is no longer in stock, I will refund the full amount you paid within 10 business days.
    Personalized plans and trips will be made based on the availability of both parties and by prior reservation. If you are interested, write me and we can talk.

  6. Way to pay: Payments are made through the secure payment platform and you can do it through your paypal account or with your credit and debit card. I confirm that in no case will I have access to your bank details.
    In any case, said payments will be made in advance.

  7. Shipment: Once the payment is confirmed, you will be able to download the product immediately but also and for security, you will also receive it automatically to the email that you have informed during the purchase process and within a maximum period of 24 hours. .The guides and personalized trips will be sent within the period that we have agreed in each case and I will send it to you by email.
    In no case are postal shipments made since it is a direct download digital product.

  8. Refunds and cancellation policy: Because they are digital products that you will receive in your email after purchase, returns are not accepted.
    For personalized guides and tailor-made trips, the payments and cancellation conditions will be detailed for each case.

  9. Data Protection: The information that "I challenge you to discover the world" needs to make the sale will be your name, email and payment confirmation. The sole purpose of using this data will be to ensure that the sale is carried out correctly.
    Once the sale is over, the data will be incorporated into a mailing list, in order to be able to send you updates, information and promotions of interest to you, by virtue of the products you have purchased. If you do not want to receive this information and you want me to delete your data, you just have to send me an email with the concept "Low data" to the address
    At all times, Mireia Alcañiz, responsible for "I challenge you to discover the world" complies with current Spanish and European regulations on data protection. For more information about data processing and the privacy policy of this site, you can click on this link: Privacy Policy.

  10. Prohibitions.: It is expressly prohibited to reproduce, disseminate, sell, distribute and use for commercial or non-commercial purposes the products of "I challenge you to discover the world", both personalized and general. The realization of any type of use of said products that violates my rights will be subject to a claim on my part.

  11. Cookies policy: This site uses third-party cookies with analytical functions. I leave you the link to mi Cookies policy,where you have all the detailed information.

  12. Applicable law and jurisdiction: These legal conditions of sale have been drawn up under Spanish law. In case of conflict in the interpretation of these conditions, the competent jurisdiction will be that of the buyer's domicile and, subsidiarily, the Courts of Girona.

  13. Modification of the conditions of sale: These conditions may be modified at any time, in response to legal changes or the evolution of this website and the products offered on it. In any case, customers will be informed of such changes by notice on the main page of the online store.

  14. Acceptance of the conditions of sale: The purchase of any product offered in this store implies knowledge and acceptance of the legal conditions -conditions of sale and legal notice- of this website.

    If you have any questions regarding these general conditions of sale, I would appreciate it if you contact me at

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