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Where to stay in Hoi An: Best areas and hotels

Hoi An is a relatively small city. The historic center is the most essential place to see in Hoi An. It has a very special charm and for me it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places to see in Vietnam. However, not only in the historic center is it worth visiting. The area has temples, beaches, routes between rice fields... that will make you fall in love a little more with this area of ​​the country.

Being such a tourist area, despite not being a big city, you will find all kinds of accommodation. You have from hostels, average hotels for 5 euros per night per person, to more luxurious hotels.

You have several distant areas, where to stay in Hoi An and in this post I will tell you about them, I will also add some travel tips to help you organize your trip.


1. Stay in the historic center of Hoi An

Staying in the historic center of Hoi An is the best option if you visit the city for a few days (one night or two). It is a great option because you will have everything nearby and you will only need transportation in case you want to visit its beaches or other places outside the historic center.

However, it is the busiest area, with more people and more expensive where to stay in Hoi An. Also, you should keep in mind that right in the protected historic center there are no hotels, most of the buildings are century-old houses World Heritage Site . So you will need to cross the river or stay in neighboring neighborhoods such as Cẩm Phô to the west, Cẩm Châu to the east or Sơn Phong to the north.

Even though it is the most expensive area to stay in Hoi An, Vietnam is a cheap country and you can find very good accommodation options at reasonable prices.

Some great options where to sleep in the historic center of Hoi An:


Hoi An is an area that you can visit by bicycle over long distances, that is, you can go by bicycle to the outskirts, to the beach... and without difficulty, since it is practically straight, without going up or down. So I recommend you look for an accommodation that has free bicycle service. The vast majority do and it is a great advantage not to have to look for alternative transport and pay additional costs to rent a bicycle.

On the other hand, the area has high temperatures all year round and the humidity is beastly. You can find accommodation with a swimming pool at very low prices. So if you can, avoid accommodations without a pool. A swim after a day visiting the city is great.

2. Stay on Hoi An Island, 5 minutes across the Bridge of Lights

An Hoi is the small island just across the Thu Bồn River, just a 5-minute walk across the famous Bridge of Lights. It is a very good accommodation option, since it is not in the historic center, and yet it is very close.

This area is the backpacking and party zone. And here, in addition to several hostels and home stays, there are several music venues, pubs... at night it is usually a very lively area. And even being an area popularly known by backpackers, you have hotels of all categories.

Some great lodging options in Hoi An:

3. Staying on Cẩm Nam Island, a good alternative where to stay in Hoi An

Cẩm Nam Island is located southwest of the historic center. It is just a 6-minute walk across the Thu Bồn River from the Cloth Market. It is a very good alternative for those who want to stay in the center and in a quieter area. Here the prices are much cheaper than the two previous options, you can find accommodation for less than 20 euros per night in a double room and private bathroom in an average 3-star hotel.

Some great accommodation options on Cẩm Nam Island:

Staying near An Bang Beach, the best option where to stay in Hoi An if you are going to stay more than 2 nights

Staying near An Bang Beach (in the Cẩm An neighborhood) is the best option if you are going to spend more than two nights in Hoi An (something I recommend). It is a much quieter area, with all kinds of accommodation and you also have the advantage of enjoying the beach at the foot of the hotel. It is an area somewhat far from the historic center, depending on the hotel it can be around 3.5 to 6km from the center. However, by taxi you can get to the center in 5 minutes for less than 3 euros. If you have your own transportation or a rental bicycle, you can get there along the paths along the riverbank and it is a very pleasant walk.

If you are going to spend more days in Hoi An, not only to visit the historic center but to get to know My son, the surroundings of Hoi An, the marble mountain, etc… I recommend this area. In addition, it is the best option in terms of prices. In addition, you have a variety of restaurants and options to buy in stores or food stalls.

In our case we were 6 people (2 triples) and here we found a great hotel with breakfast included for 5 euros per person per night, when for the same dates in the downtown area a similar hotel did not drop below 30 euros per person.

With the bicycles from the hotel and the motorcycle that we rented, we could get everywhere in no time.


Some accommodation options near An Bang Beach, Hoi An:



I hope you enjoy your trip to Vietnam very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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