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This is the oldest flag in the world

Did you know that the Danish flag is the oldest flag in the world? The flags have been used to distinguish between villages and to differentiate between allies and enemies, throughout history. Already in the Roman era the Vexilos were used, as banners of their groups.

Over time the flags became scripts and representative banners of Kings and Lords (specifically, their lineages or royal houses) and as countries, cities and towns were defined, flags began to form a common part of daily life.

This is the oldest flag in the world

But what is the oldest flag in the world?

The oldest national flag in the world is that of Denmark. Its name means "the flag of the Danes" or "the red flag" and it was adopted on June 15, 1219 during a battle that took place in Lyndanisse, when the Danish King Valdemar II defeated the Estonians under the pretext of helping to the crusaders in Palestine, following the orders of the pope. If we listen to the legend, it tells us that the famous flag of Denmark, which is called "Dannebrog" fell from the sky to give strength to the Danes in the fight against the Estonians.

This is the oldest national ensign in the world, since, although it was formalized in 1983, it was already established and used in 1370, and the possibility that it was there years before is not ruled out.

The flags of your neighboring countries; Sweden, Norway, Finland, Åland, the Faroe Islands, and Iceland are based on the flag of Denmark.

This is the oldest flag in the world



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