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15 Essential things to see in Udaipur, Bharat (India)

Udaipur is one of the most beautiful cities to see in Bharat (India). Although it is sometimes not included in routes through India because it is quite far from the “main” cities such as Agra, New Delhi or Jaipur.

From Jaipur to Udaipur there is a distance of approximately 7 hours. You have a complete guide on how to get from Jaipur to Udaipur with the best transportation options explained here.

There are many 15 interesting places to see in Udaipur and ideally you should dedicate at least two days to the city.

15 Essential things to see in Udaipur, Bharat (India)


1. Take a free tour of Udaipur

Start getting to know the city with a free tour of Udaipur. It is a guided tour of the most essential places in the city with a local English-speaking guide. There are 2 schedules per day. Remember to give your guide one of your own at the end of the tour, he surely deserves it.

2. The Jagdish Temple

The Jagdish Temple is one of the most essential temples to see in Udaipur. It is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Vishnu. It was built in the year 1651 by order of Maharana Jagat Singh II, the 32nd ruler of the Mewar dynasty. It is in an Indo-Aryan style, decorated with carved columns, decorated ceilings and painted walls. In the main temple there is a 1.2 meter high statue of Vishnu made of black sandstone, covered with gold and precious stones.

3. City Palace, an essential place to see in Udaipur

The City Palace of Udaipur is one of the most important places to visit in the city. It is a palace complex that began construction in 1559 and took around 400 years to be completely completed. It has an Indo-Aryan architectural style, decorated with carved columns, beautifully decorated ceilings and painted walls. Every detail is beautiful and worth going through without rushing, appreciating every detail.

The Palace is a complex of several buildings with their own function. We find the main building named Jag Mandir, where the rulers of Mewar resided. Another building to see in the complex is the Hawa Mahal, a pavilion made of white marble that was used as an audience hall. You can also not miss the City Palace Museum, a museum that houses a collection of art and artifacts from the Mewar dynasty.

15 Essential things to see in Udaipur, Bharat (India)

4. Jagmandir, a palace in Udaipur located on Lake Pichola

Jag Mandir is a beautiful palace in Udaipur located on an island in Lake Pichila. It is popularly known as the Lake Garden Palace. This palace was built in the year 1551 to be the summer residence of the rulers of Mewar of the Rajput dynasty.

It is a beautiful palace, with many gardens, patios and several pavilions. It has an Indo-Aryan style, adorned with beautiful carved columns, decorated ceilings and painted walls.

The Palace consists of different buildings with a specific function for each of them. The main building is known as the Crystal Palace, built of white marble with a central patio. This palace is surrounded by lush gardens and ponds.

Other buildings to see within the palace complex are the Gul Mahal, the Sheesh Mahal (known for being the pavilion of mirrors) and the Jal Mahal.

15 Essential things to see in Udaipur, Bharat (India)

5. Sahekiyon Ki Bari

Sahekiyon Ki Bari is a historic garden built in the 17th century by order of Maharana Jagat Singh II, the 32nd ruler of the Mewar dynasty. This garden was built and dedicated in honor of the women of the royal court, which is why the translation of its name is “Garden of the Ladies”. It is a very well-kept garden, full of different trees, plants, flowers... there are also ponds and several fountains. The park is divided into 4 sections; the garden of flowers, the garden of trees, the garden of fruit trees and the garden of ponds where there are many fish and ducks.

6. Bagore Ki Haveli

Bagore Ki Haveli in a mansion situated on the banks of Lake Pichola. It was built in the 18th century by order of Amar Chand Badwa, who was, at that time, the prime minister of the kingdom of Mewar. Currently this palace houses a museum that tells the history of Udaipur and has art and cultural exhibitions about the city. In it you will find murals, collections of artifacts, paintings, textiles...

15 Essential things to see in Udaipur, Bharat (India)

7. Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace

The Sajjangarh Monsoon is a palace located on top of a hill just outside the center of Udaipur. From the top, the views of Lake Pichola and the city are truly incredible. The Palace was built in the year 1884 in Rajput architectural style by order of Maharaja Sajjan of Mewar. The interior of the palace is very beautiful, decorated with beautiful wood carvings and wall paintings.

The palace was originally built as an astronomical observatory. However, Sajjam Singh changed his mind and decided to make it a palace to be his residence during the monsoon season that forms above the lake.

8. Fateh Sagar Lake

Fateh Sagar Lake is an artificial lake located in Udaipur. It is one of the four lakes that you will find in the city, along with Lake Pichola, Udai Sagar Lake and Jaisamand Lake.

This artificial long was built in the year 1680 by order of Maharaja Jai ​​Singh II of Mewar. It was built to provide water for irrigation and the city. It also had a military use, serving to protect the city and could be used to flood the surrounding lands in case of attacks.

Some of the places you will see from the lake are Jag Mandir Palace, City Palace, Sajjangarh Palace, Jagdish Temple and Jag Mandir Temple.

15 Essential things to see in Udaipur, Bharat (India)

9. The Cenotaphs of Ahar, a must see in Udaipur

The Ahar Cenotaphs are a group of royal cenotaphs of India, situated in Ahar, about 2 kilometers from Udaipur. The place has just over 250 cenotaphs of the maharajas of Mewar.

The first Ahar Cenotaphs were built in the 16th century, during the reign of Maharaja Udai Singh II and the most recent ones were built in the 19th century.

The most important Ahar Cenotaphs are:

Cenotaph of Maharana Udai Singh II: This cenotaph was built in the 16th century and stands out for being crowned by a pavilion made of white marble.

Cenotaph of Maharana Jai ​​Singh II: This cenotaph was built in the 18th century, topped with a pavilion made of pink marble.

Maharana Sajjan Singh Cenotaph: This is one of the most recent, built in the 19th century. This cenotaph is decorated with stone carvings that represent the history and culture of the city.

10. Ambrai Ghat

Ambrai Ghat is a Ghat known as Manjhi Ghat and Hanuman Ghat. It is located on the banks of Lake Pichola, opposite the Gangaur Ghat.

From Ambrai Ghat you will have incredible views of the lake and the city, in addition, there are several temples and historical monuments in this ghat. Some of the places to visit in Ambrai Ghat are the three Hindu temples; Ambrai temple, Hanuman temple and Krishna temple.

11. Shilpgram

Shilpgram is a rural resort located on the outskirts of Udaipur. The resort has 70 acres of land, surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains. This place is a government project to preserve and promote the traditional arts and crafts of the region. There you can see artisans at work, it has around 300 workshops, in addition to being able to buy some crafts. Dances, different shows, cultural events, festivals are also held there.

12. Brahma Temple and Chittoegarh Fort

The Brahma Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Brahma, the creator god of the universe in the Hindu religion. It was built in the 14th century by order of King Raja Man Singh I of Amber. It is built in a Rajput style and decorated with beautiful stone carvings.

The Chittorgarh spring, located very close to the Brahma temple, is one of the largest forts in Bharat (India). It was built in the 7th century by order of the Mauryan king Chitrangada.

To visit both places, I recommend booking an excursion from Udaipur since it is quite remote and with poor communication with public transport. The excursion includes transportation, pick-up and return transfer to your hotel, an English-speaking driver and a guide in Spanish depending on the type.

13. Take a tour to Ranakpur from Udaipur

Ranakpur is a small town near the city of Sadri and less than 100 kilometers from Udaipur. Ranakpur stands out for having a set of temples, especially the Adinath temple or temple of the four faces. A Jain temple built in the 15th century by order of King Kumbha of the Mewar kingdom. It is built of white marble in a Jain style. It is considered one of the most beautiful temples to see in Bharat (India).

To visit the city you cannot go by train. You have the option of going on your own by bus, although the most recommended option is to do so by booking an excursion. If you are interested in going on your own, I recommend booking transportation from this website.

15 Essential things to see in Udaipur, Bharat (India)

14. Bazaars in Udaipur

If you like bazaars in Udaipur you have several. All of them with a lot of stops where you will find all kinds of crafts. The most popular bazaars in the city are Bada Bazar, Bapu Bazar, Chetak Circle, Hathipole, Maldas Street, Shilpgram, City Palace Street, Jagdish Temple Street and Ghanta Ghar bazaar. Remember that in India haggling is an art, and you should be daring, but not over-smart so they don't get offended. Find a middle ground for any negotiation.

15. Vintage Cars Museum

And finally, as an interesting and curious place to visit in Udaipur, I recommend visiting the Vintage Car Museum. This museum houses true works of art and of great historical value. Antique and luxury cars, which belonged to rulers of the country. Among the collection you can see Cadillacs to Rolls Royce.

15 Essential things to see in Udaipur, Bharat (India)



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