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The most beautiful beaches in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is not a destination known for its beaches. Its national parks, volcanoes and colonial cities take center stage. Its beaches are beautiful and you will find them scattered between the coasts of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, as well as paradisiacal beaches on some of its islands.

You have quiet beaches, ideal for swimming and snorkelling, beaches where you can practice surfing... In this post I talk about the most beautiful beaches to see in Nicaragua so that you can include one or more of them on your trip to Nicaragua.

las playas más bonitas que ver en Nicaragua


Corn Island, one of the essential destinations to see in Nicaragua

Corn Island is one of the most popular destinations in Nicaragua for its wide biodiversity and beauty. It is an archipelago located in the Caribbean Sea, about 70km from the Nicaraguan coast, made up of two islands: Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island.

Most of the services and accommodations are found on Big Corn Island. If you plan to visit both islands, I recommend looking for accommodation on Big Corn Island, and seeing the small island with a day trip. Boats leave from the big island to the small one twice a day.

All the beaches in Corn Island are beautiful, but if you are interested in diving and observing the impressive coral reefs and marine fauna, it is best to visit the beaches in the eastern part: Long Beach and Silver Sand Beach.

Bluff Beach, in Bluefields, one of the most beautiful beaches in Nicaragua

Bluefields is a small Caribbean town of about 3,000 inhabitants that, thanks to social networks, has become very famous in recent years for its beach. A true paradise. In addition, the town is beautiful, with churches, museums, art galleries and hotels

Bluff Beach is the best known beach in Bluefields. It is a small island that must be reached by boat. There are two options, a public boat that leaves from the Bluefields market dock, takes about 15 minutes to arrive and costs about 2 euros, or take a private boat for about 20 euros.

You can do various water activities, swim among turtles, see colorful fish and enjoy the tranquility.

las playas más bonitas que ver en Nicaragua

The Beaches of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Some of the best beaches in Nicaragua are found on the Pacific Ocean coast. This area is perfect for surf lovers thanks to its waves. The beaches of the municipality of San Juan del Sur, in the department of Rivas, 15 km from the Costa Rican border, are perfect for enjoying a beautiful natural environment and also for surfing. The most beautiful and famous are Playa Hermosa and Playa Maderas.

Las Playas Tola, perfect for surfing in Nicaragua

The beaches of the municipality of Tola, located in the department of Rivas, are perfect beaches to enjoy water activities, surf and visit some of the most interesting places in Nicaragua such as the sea turtle nursery in Punta Teonoste. The coast of this municipality consists of 54 km and has a toral of 19 beaches. The most beautiful beaches are Astillero beach and Guasacate beach.

Astillero Beach

Astillero beach is one of the most beautiful and quiet in Tola. This small beach was declared a Wildlife Refuge in 1983 due to its great and perfectly preserved biodiversity.

Guasacate Beach

Guasacate beach is another of the beaches in Tola that you cannot miss, especially if you like to do water sports. The waves of Guasacate, much more daring than those of Astillero, are perfect for surf lovers.

This beach is virgin, perfectly preserved and little crowded. In addition, you will find beautiful natural pools, formed by the erosion of seawater on the rocks where you can bathe.

las playas más bonitas que ver en Nicaragua



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