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12 Best Things to Do in Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt)

Sharm el Sheikh is a true paradise. For lovers of the sea and diving, it is the perfect place to disconnect and also enjoy its marine fauna. Located on the Red Sea, Sharm El Sheikh is the perfect destination to end a trip touring Egypt.

In this post I talk about how to organize your visit and the 12 best things to do in Sharm El Sheikh, tips on where to stay and advice on flights. Let's start!

que hacer en Sharm El Sheikh (Egipto)


1. Diving in Sharm el Sheikh

One of the best things to do in Sharm el Sheikh is scuba diving. Millions of visitors come to this area every year to enjoy its seabed.

Sharm has one of the most spectacular sea beds in the world. Visibility is excellent, with thousands of colorful fish, coral reefs... It is undoubtedly a true marvel.

Best places to dive in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Ras Muhammad National Park and its surroundings: This is one of the favorite sites among divers from all over the world and one of its most important points is the sunken warship Thistlegorm. The Thistlegorm is a World War II ship that sank full of military weapons that are still in very good condition today.

The Strait of Tiran: This area has strong currents that carry large amounts of plankton and that favors a lot of marine life, infinite coral reefs, reef fish, and especially sharks.

que hacer en Sharm El Sheikh (Egipto)

2. Snorkeling in Sharm el Sheikh

An alternative to if you don't practice diving is to snorkel. Although I love doing both versions. The coral reefs in Sharm el Sheikh are accessible and within walking distance of the beach. Regardless of the beach you choose, you will have corals and many fish.

The best places to practice snorkeling in Sharm el Sheikh

Ras Muhammad National Park: It is located about 30 minutes from Sharm el Sheikh. In this National Park the reef is in very good condition. You can spend hours snorkeling and enjoying the variety of fish and colors that do not stop moving around you.

The best way to get there is with an excursion, which includes transportation, a guide, tickets to the National Park, snorkeling equipment, and food.

Ras Um Sid National Park: It is the best snorkeling spot in Sharm El Sheikh. Here are a lot of brutal animals; There are turtles, thousands of fish, manta rays...

que hacer en Sharm El Sheikh (Egipto)

3. Visit Ras Muhammad National Park

Ras Muhammad National Park is one of the favorite places among divers from all over the world and an essential excursion to do in Sharm el Sheikh.

This marine reserve has spectacular biodiversity. In the waters of Ras Muhammad you can see many species of corals, a great variety of fish, turtles, sharks...

4. Visit Tiran Island

If you have not tired of natural landscapes that are a paradise and snorkeling or diving, another great activity to do in Sharm el Sheikh is to visit Tiran Island. The best way to visit it is with an excursion. With the excursion you will have a boat trip, guide, snorkeling equipment and food with drinks included on board the boat. In addition, you will make several stops to enjoy the schools of colored fish and coral areas.

5. Enjoy the best beaches in Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is the perfect ending after a tour of Egypt. Its beaches and natural environment are a paradise and enjoying a few days of peace, relaxation and sun, are the best final point.

Many resorts are located right on the beach and have their own private beaches. Although there are also many public beaches.

The best beach for snorkeling is Fanar Beach. Although if what you are looking for is sunbathing, taking a calm bath and enjoying beach activities, the best option is Naama Bay. In Naama Bay you can do all kinds of water sports such as banana boat, parasailing...

Another of the beaches that we loved were the beaches of Ras Um Sid, Fanar Beach and Faraana Beach.

6. Visit the Al-Sahaba Mosque

This mosque is beautiful. Its construction is very recent, it was completed in 2008 and it has two impressive minarets with a height of 72 meters and a gigantic dome in the center.

Although this is not the only mosque to visit in Sharm el Sheikh. Do not miss the Mustafa Mosque, which, although not as impressive, is another architectural work to see in the area.

7. The Sinai Desert, one of the most beautiful places to see in Sharm el Sheikh

The Sinai desert is one of the most impressive places to see in Egypt. In it, there are dunes, palm groves, the oasis of Ain Khundra and the white canyon.

You have several excursions that offer the possibility of getting to know the Sinai desert:

8. Blue Hole, one of the most incredible places to see in Sharm el Sheikh

The Blue Hole or blue hole, is a natural formation that originated as a result of the erosion of the sea on the limestone rock. Currently, it is a diving paradise in the Red Sea. In the hole you can see coral reefs and a great variety of colorful fish.

9. Visit Mount Sinai and the Monastery of Santa Catalina, another of the best things to do in Sharm El Sheikh

From the top of Mount Sinai, you can enjoy incredible views. One of the best things to do is climb to the top to enjoy the sunrise.

At the top is the Monastery of Santa Catalina, the oldest in Christianity. This monument dates from the 6th century and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Monastery is surrounded by walls and inside is the Basilica of the Transfiguration.

The monastery treasures a large collection of codices. The second most important in the world, surpassed only by the Vatican archives.

The best way to visit the place is to hire an excursion. On this guided tour, you will be picked up at your hotel at night to reach the top of Mount Sinai and enjoy the sunrise. Keep in mind that you will have to climb 750 steps.

10. Stroll through Soho in Sharm el Sheikh

Located in Sharks Bay, one of the things to do in Sharm el Sheikh after a day full of activities, sun and sand is to stroll through Soho Square. It is a modern and lively square with many restaurants and shopping centers. In the middle of the square there are several fountains that light up at night and make a light and sound show.

11. Visit the Old Market of Sharm El Sheikh

The Old Market is located in a small souk full of little shops where you can buy souvenirs, clothes, handicrafts, spices... It is a lively area and a pleasant activity to do in the afternoon, when the sun is no longer shining. There are also several stalls with things to eat something fast and cheap.

12. Have a drink by Naama Bay

Naama Bay is the liveliest area of ​​Sharm el Sheikh. It is an area with many bars, pubs, restaurants, discos... In Naama Bay there is even a Hard Rock café and if you feel like partying you can even go to the Pachá disco. It is a good option to go out to a party, go out to dinner or have a drink at night.

que hacer en Sharm El Sheikh (Egipto)


In Sharm el Sheikh you can find 5-star hotels with very good references for 80 euros a night in a room. Double. In my case, we were traveling with 2 children and we have been staying at the 5-star Charmillion Gardens Aquapark hotel, for 140 euros per night in a quadruple room with breakfast. It has a water park, a spa… And it was a great option to disconnect for 5 days after touring all of Egypt. If you are traveling as a couple, you also have the option of choosing accommodation for adults only. Many hotels have the all-inclusive option. In our case, since we spend all day touring the area, snorkelling... we didn't take it, but there are very good offers with this option.

Some great accommodation options in Sharm El Sheikh:


Sharm el Sheik has an international airport. The main advantage is that it receives flights from low-cost companies such as Wizz Air or Easy Jet, making it the cheapest way to fly to Egypt. In our case, we flew to Sharm el Sheikh from Cairo, after having spent 14 days touring Egypt. Our return trip to Spain was from Sharm el Sheikh to Barcelona (with a stopover in Milan) for less than 160 euros.

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que hacer en Sharm El Sheikh (Egipto)


I hope you enjoy your trip to Egypt very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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